Top 7 Catering Ideas for Your Upcoming Event

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Events can be fabulous with the proper catering and décor. Finding the proper theme and idea can make a catering event memorable for many years. Often, people planning events focus more on the décor than on the food. If the food is stellar, the event will earn high ratings. Consider these catering ideas for your upcoming event.

1. Choose a Theme

Themes make it easier to cater events. For instance, caterers may choose to have a seafood or island-themed party or a French-themed party. At a seafood-themed party, guests may expect to have sushi, oysters, clams, lobster claws, cocktail shrimp, or crab legs. Seafood may be complemented by vegetables and cocktail sauce. A plate full of steamed seafood is healthy and also delectable to most.A French-themed catered event can be quite effective. Most caterers would include gazpacho or French onion soup. Other common French food may include charcuterie, vegetable pie, or salad with anchovies. For the main course, caterers may serve coq au vin, steak au poivre, or quiche with salmon. Fruit tarts, crème brulee, and chocolate mousse may be served as dessert with this French meal.

2. Use High Quality Ingredients

High quality ingredients make events more impressive. Appetizers may include smoked salmon, caviar, and foie gras on toast. High quality poached scallops, shrimp, or mussels are also considered to be impressive. Roasted duck with asparagus or lobster can impress a large group. For dessert, fresh fruit is recommended. Raspberries, strawberries, or blueberries in a tart or served atop chocolate will help.

3. Make an Old Favourite More Upscale

An upscale picnic dinner can be a hit at weddings and events with people who have different food preferences. Potato salad with capers or a mixed greens salad with feta may be served with fried chicken as the main dish. A tart tatin can be served as a dessert.

4. Use Small Plates Similar to Tapas

Spanish tapas are becoming popular at dinner parties. The smaller portions allow people the opportunity to serve several different types of cuisine in small portions. Tapas are recommended for large parties when lines need to be controlled. Tapas may consist of olives, crab cakes, pizzas, quesadillas, and quiche.

5. Consider Hors d’ oeuvres Instead a Full Plate

Hors d’oeuvres serve the same purpose as tapas. Mingling and conversations are still possible when hors d’oeuvres. This concept works for weddings, gallery openings, and other ballroom events. Common hors d’oeuvres include asparagus spears or tuna on cucumber slices.

6. Try a Buffet Instead of Full Plates

Buffets help caterers stretch food selections. If a caterer is on a budget, high quality foods can be chosen and served buffet style to stretch the food selection.

7. Serve a Pre-Determined Formal Dinner

When caterers serve a pre-selected dinner, the event is more formal and special attention can be paid to each ensemble.

Focus on Catering Ideas for Your Upcoming Event

Catering ideas for your event are in abundance. Choose your direction and make your event memorable and fun for your guests. It may be worthwhile contacting a reputable event or conference planning company for professional advice and assistance.

Jan O’Donnell is a successful event planner in Sydney, Australia. She has planned many events throughout her career, both personal and professional, and advises that catering is essential to ensuring a successful event.

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