Transportation 2

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Well this is a normal jeep in Odiongan way back then, especially in Barangay Pato-o. I have also experienced to ride at the top of the jeepney since Elementary, because we are just kids with a small amount of fare the conductors want us to stand at the middle of the jeepney which is too tight or close to each other because there is still a long wood chair in the center of the jeepney who older people were sitting. We are like sardines in can, you can smell each other, you cannot even move your body.

Then it comes to the point that your head will bump to the ceiling and the conductor won’t let you sit down to the chair intended for the older students.

So my I and my cousins, decided to go to the top of the jeepney, where we can breath widely above, so spacious and you watch the scenery along our way home. Until I have reached my high school days I still love to ride above the jeepney but thing changes when the jeepney terminal was transferred to New Market which is ten minutes walk from our school (RSC). So sometimes on high school I decided to walk home which take one hour for me to do so. Because it is more ecomical to walk than to take a single (motor). I can’t catch the jeepney in the new market (our school is located in the old market) when the National High School went out, where almost of the passenger was from them.
Well walking is good, until college I have to walk sometimes it is not because I love walking but because I cannot afford my fare. Yes, my allowance which is just P25.00 everyday, then it comes that I have to pay for my photocopy in school (You know writing is not popular in College it is already photocopy or the one they called Xerox Copy). Going to town I have to pay P10.00 for the single driver (which is now P15.00) then when you arrive at your school (Romblon State College), you have to use P15.00 or more than that so you can secure a copy of your lesson because the following day there is an exam, sometimes there is a day where you need photocopy of your lessons in every subject, well what is the use of our hands if I cannot write, so i borrow my classmates photocopy and jot all the important things which I am assuming to be seen on our exam. That’s why until college or until I graduated I still ot the callus on my hand by writing.(Lol).

What I don’t like walking with my uniform or not is, single driver or some people will ask me why I am walking. I feel a bit shy because the street is quite wide for me, I am the only one walking (huhuhu). I just quietly answered “I am walking I am not riding” then laugh afterwards. Sometimes when I am walking I walk and put my right hand on my right pocket and let my coins sound so they can hear I have money but i have choose to walk (well they doesn’t know that my money is not enough for my fare going home, hehehe). Fare going home is different when you are going to town. It cost P20.00 which is P25.00 now. Jeepney is not advisable for me that time because college has different schedule, i had a class at 6 PM or 7 PM sometimes. Last jeepney is around 5 PM or earlier than that.

Now, a days jeepney with people above is quite few maybe because there is a lot of passenger jeepney now compare to old days.

I still miss being at the top of the jeepney, hopefully I can make it sometimes. lol

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