Travelling to Paris and Visiting Eiffel Tower

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We have been travelling for over 4 months already, currently we are in Paris, France.  It was not included in our original itinerary but flying from Instabul to Paris and then Paris to Morroco is hell lot cheaper than flying from Istanbul to Morroco. My husband plan is just to spend one day in Paris as it was very expensive city but I reasoned out that we are already going to Paris why not make the most of it because who knows when we can travel to Paris again, although he can fly anytime he desired, unlike me I need to endure dreadful visa application before I can fly to progressive city like Paris.

Eiffel Tower

Visiting the famous Eiffel tower is in everyone’s top list in Paris so that’s the first place we visited when we arrived in the city, we just check-in our bags and left.  Seeing the tower for the first time is magical and seems unreal, you know you just see it in pictures, books and magazines. But seeing it in front of you is really a dream come true.  My husband wanted to climb the Eiffel tower first but I insisted to go to the nearby Park first before it is too late, as it was sun down already. I want a clear photo of the Eiffel tower during day light and not during the dark (haha choosy).

We choose to use the elevator for higher fee than climb the stairs to the summit of Eiffel tower because we are both tired and there’s no energy left to be spend. As expected the Eiffel tower is jump packed of people, from young to old.  Visiting Eiffel tower will not be completed without buying souvenirs so I went to the souvenir shop at top and when I am paying my purchased, the  asked me if I am a Filipina I replied yes and guess what she was a Filipina too, I was happy seeing a  fellow countrymen.

Our first day didn’t end in Eiffel tower, we hit the road to see Arch of Triumph and then walk to the famous street of Paris – Champs-Élysées. See the Obelisk of Luxor. It was already early in the morning when we return to our hotel room, we almost didn’t make it to the last train.

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