Tteok – Korean Rice Cake

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I went out today to buy black ink cartridge for our printer and a kitchen utensil. Few minutes after I arrived home our doorbell rang thinking it is the mail man because my husband told me he is expecting a packaged from Canada, probably vitamins and supplements but when I opened the door it is our landlord holding something on his right hand I greeted him and he gave what is holding to me while saying Tteok, I accepted it and say my thank you and he left.

When my husband arrived from school I told him that our landlord gave us tteok and recalling that he might be the one who doorbell early morning which we didn’t answer because are still sleeping.

Tteok is a class of Korean rice cakes made with glutinous rice flour by steaming and it considered as celebratory food like on New Year’s Day or wedding, but plain-flavored tteok is used in home cooking. Some common ingredients for many kinds of tteok are red bean, mung bean and sweet red bean paste, Korean mugwort, jujube and other dried fruits, sesame seeds and oil, sugar, and pine nuts.

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  1. Ale says:

    Hi,I am interested in how you were able to attian the rice cakes through delivery. I have been thinking of them ever since I tried them at a korean bbq restaurant.Could you help me out with, getting my hands on them?Thanks(:

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