Tteokbokki, Sundae – Korean Street Food

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I am craving for baked goods today so I have planned to go to Tous Les Jours after shopping our daily supplies but while on our way home I have seen some students eating Tteokbokki and I remember its been a long time since I went to my favorite canteen at the front of the elementary school so my craving changed to Tteokbokki.  After keeping all the items we shopped in their right places I went out to feed my urge.

Outside the canteen are young girls with their box of candies (it is White Day today) and inside are three boys enjoying their large cup of  Tteokbokki, one boy say hi to me and I say hi too.

I just ordered a large cup Tteokbokki, the last time I have visited the canteen all they got is a small cup now they have three cups, small, medium and large.

While walking out to the door I have seen the  round sweet snack and I have ordered all of them. They taste  like the sweet glutinous rice I love to eat during noon time in my hometown. As I still have a plenty of coins I also bought chicken nuggets, as well as the sundae (in sticks).

As what I have read Sundae is a mixture of  small and large intestines of pigs that are salted and stuffed with a mixture of pig’s blood, rice, green onions, garlic, minced pork, and vermicelli before being steamed. The sausage is sliced when served and some steamed lung and liver slices usually accompany it.

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    looks delicious! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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