Using EyesMobile Prepaid Card

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As I have blogged a few days ago I bought EyesMobile prepaid card at an Asian Store even though I don’t know how to use it, it should not be my first time if I didn’t return the prepaid card I bought a month ago in Itaewon. Yeah right, when my husband and I went to Seoul to eat lunch as a birthday treat for me I also took the chance to buy load at the phone store in  Itaewon exit 3.  I was handed a prepaid card, while waiting for the train and looking to the card configuring how to use it, I realized that there’s really no way I can use it so I run quickly to exit 3, luckily I was not charged again on my subway card.

When I reached the phone store I am literally chasing my breath and I can’t speak so I just do sign language and create sounds. I think the older male felt slighted and told me to speak because he can understand English. So I did, and after which I was gasping for air, releasing the pressure in my chest.  Haha, anyway the load was sent directly to my mobile phone after the young female call someone.

EyesMobile Prepaid Card

The other day, I decided to use the prepaid card but I don’t know how to activate the card number so I dialed the Customer center for foreigners (080-807-1234) written at the back of the card, I pressed 2 for English and so on. I was able to speak to Customer Representative and share my ordeal, I was asked if I want a  recharge, I replied yes and was asked for my mobile number twice because I took long time to respond as I am digging for my card number in my wallet.

One thing I learned from calling the customer service is they call load as recharged.  In the Philippines we normally call it load or reload, now I learned that if I dial the customer service again I will pressed 2 for English and then pressed 1 for recharged.

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