Vaccination’s Mania

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Atlast something new happened to my life last Saturday, we went to Itaewon which is 45 minutes from our location travelling by subway. We have a appointment at the International Clinic, for our prescription for Malaria, as what I have said to my other blog we are going to Sri Lanka this Christmas. Malaria is common to Sri Lanka so we need to be sure not to have it, so after filling-up some form at the receiving area, the nurse took our weight, height and blood pressure.
Afterward meeting the doctor, he ask about our travel and schedule and etc., he also manage to ask if wha kind of vaccine we have and when was the last time we had a vaccination, hubby is completed unfortunately I am not, I told the doctor that my last vaccination was when I was a baby. I am completed with those vaccinations which I cannot remember maybe my mother does., oh, I was also vaccinated when I was seven years old, some nurses came to our school and gave us a vaccine when I was in grade one.
Toinks! The doctor laugh a little as hubby did, they said I need vaccinations, Jezzz, I am afraid of needles and injections. The doctor asked me If I want to have a vaccines today for Hepa A & B shots, the doctor also added I must have it.
My hubby want me to have it so I have too, I said yes. We just wait few minutes and here it comes,the nurse bringing the injections with the doses of drugs.She went to a small room and ask me to follow,I carry hubby with me. Like a child eh, the nurse said I have FOUR vaccinations today, one for Hep A shot, Hep B, shot, DT and Typhoid., Wow, that’s a lot I don’t know if I can take it. I want to call “Nanay”, lol. On my first shot I hold hubby’s hand, hmmm it is just like an ant bite. Second hold the bed cover, third the nurse says “Relax, relax” fourth OMG, it hurts a lot! It feels I am going to jump as high as the roof. I am going to return after one month for the second shot of Hep A and then in June for the third and second shot of Hep B if I am not mistaken.

My hubby got pissed off of me, because I am not looking to the injections while the nurse was telling what kind of vaccine it is., after the vaccinations we went to the nearest drug store to buy those medicines prescribed to us by the doctor for the malaria prevention. He prescribed Malarone to us, whew very expensive it cost $3 per pill, we have to buy 34 pills (17 each of us). Hubby used his credit card because he pays a lot at the International clinic for my vaccinations.
The whole day of Saturday and Sunday my left arm is aching, due to the vaccination. I can’t move it, hubby says it is usual for a certain of vaccination, I don’t know which shot it is.

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