Vegetable and Chicken Croquette

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Eating bread with inside stuff is one of my favorite food to eat so when I saw croquette in Paris Baguette I immediately included two of them on my tray. I bought vegetable and chicken croquette but because we grilled steak I was not able to eat my croquette, I ate them the next day but the chicken croquette gives me a lot acid and made me sick.


A croquette is a small breadcrumbed fried food roll, the main ingredients, usually are mashed potatoes and/or ground meat (veal, beef, chicken, or turkey), shellfish, fish, cheese, vegetables and mixed with béchamel or brown sauce, and soaked white bread, egg, onion, spices and herbs, wine, milk, beer or any of the combination thereof, sometimes with a filling, e.g. sauteed onions or mushrooms, boiled eggs.

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