Vegetable Pizza

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Every Friday is cheat day so a jumbo vegetable pizza (cheesy crust) is Yes, pair with a bottle of coke and the problem is solved. While walking down the street going to Pizza Maru, we saw a fish thing and bought few. It’s a bread shape like a fish with a stuff inside neither beans, pineapple pie and while waiting for the pizza there is a feeling that the fish thing is not enough so bought again a few pieces. The fish thing never reached home, it was eaten along the way, along the cold night.

Been eating a vegetable pizza twice since my hubby decided to be a vegetarian, after watching the documentary entitled EARTHLINGS. So no more meat, bulgogi and ham pizza since then.

2 Responses to “Vegetable Pizza”

  1. Mrs. Kolca says:

    ohh.. pizza! my hubby is not a vegetarian, but he always always orders for a vegetarian or garden pizza whenever we drop by pizza hut or greenwich..

    he only gets to order cheese pizza in sbarro.. my favorite is the chicago-style white cheese pizza.. yum!

  2. hyanne says:

    I don't know what happened to my husband and became a vegetarian I guess it is almost since he started this vegetarian meal,he was affected how animals was butchered for food after watching that documentary. I still eat meat though.,..haha

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