Watsons shopping story

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I went to the bank today to pay our bills, after it I am thinking between going home or going to the supermarket to look for sale. But neither of the two wins because I decided to walk at the shopping district to have a window shopping rather than walk in the national road. So as far I saw winter jackets are on sale 20-50%, I did not bother to look at them because I know even it is 50% sale it is still expensive because the stores are signature brand. As I reached Dunkin Donuts I was surprised to see that the clothing store is already a Watsons shop so I went inside, my plan is just to look around but when I saw the word SALE I forgot everything. I went to Men’s Section because I am planning to buy gift for Pookie bear, I am already holding a Calvin Klein Perfume and Nivea Shaving gel when I saw Mise En Scene (Oil Free Fresh Lotion), I don’t  know what is it but I found it cute so I am looking at it when the sales lady told me it is buy one take one, so I put two on my little basket and I walk around…

While looking around I have found out that Nivea Sparking White and Moisturizing lotion are also in sale, so I grabbed the two lotions and get one Nivea Creme because my creme is almost finished. I also buy an Elastine conditioner because my  Dantrol conditioner is also saying goodbye.

As I continue walking around I’ve seen M & M’s chocolate, darn this chocolate is pretty expensive in our place (Philippines) in my twenty four years of existence as far as I remember I just ate this chocolate two-three times and it is not a full packed either but “tikim-tikim” to classmates who can afford or have a relative abroad. So I grabbed two different package thinking that my mother and sister will like this chocolates. Looking at my little basket I found out I cannot afford all of the stuff so with a heavy heart I returned the “Calvin Klein” perfume with a promise I’ll buy you next time. Lol! So I walked on the ladies section looking for ponds whitening cream but they have none except for Pearl white and whitening foam so I grabbed two Snickers Almond Bar instead in the adjacent tray.

Then I pay in the counter, it looks like they have a promo if you shop with a certain amount you are qualify for a draw of DSLR camera but for sure they won’t count me in, haha. Anyway my stuff is W604 short to qualified, I spend $44.06 for my Watson shopping today. I forgot to take photo of the store because of the icy ice, so cold to remain outside.
When I reached home I thought Pookie bear was already home but he is not yet, as I finished changing my clothes to home clothes I heard foot steps outside the door and cleaning the shoes with ice and dirt in the pavement. So I hurriedly push the Watson bag below the bed,  and after few  minutes I gave him my gift the shaving gel first which I manage to put in box while his changing his clothes. Then next the Mise en Scene products which we both don’t know how it works. Lol! Mr. Google gonna help me..
He said thank you then he told me I should save my money  for my own but then after wards he asked where’s his Christmas gift because I told him that’s my New Year (Chinese) and Valentines gift. I replied that’s three item so it is included. Lol, now what I am going to save is for his birthday four months from now, thinking if I should buy him the Calvin Klein perfume or the men’s wallet in Artscow.

5 Responses to “Watsons shopping story”

  1. Mrs. Kolca says:

    Hey dear! Mas mura ba ang Nivea products dyan compare dito? Kaka-shopping ko lang din ng Nivea. I love them so so much!

  2. RyHeAnNe says:

    Tingin ko Ate mas mura pa rin Nivea diyan sa atin kasi yong nabili ko today 50% eh nasa W5,500 o P218 bawat isa. Magkano ba diyan sa atin teh? Kasi dito lang ako nagstart magNivea..hehe

  3. kat says:

    gaano ba kalaki yang 218. ang isa..mukhang pareho lang kung 200 ml yan…kunti lang deperensya hehe..

    parang nag enjoy ako sa shopping galore mo Hyanne. hhe

  4. RyHeAnNe says:

    Hi Ate Kat 400ml xa pero 50% sale kasi and P218 ay yong Nivea Sparkling White tapos yong Moisturizations ay P258 ang amount. Mas mahal yong moisturization ngayon kasi winter ngayon (lol). Kasi noong summer yong Sparkling White nabili ko xa ng mas mahal kesa sa isa..ewan ko lang if may ganoong factor..hehe

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