Wedding Reception at Hiland Beach Resort

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Now a days, it is wiser to have a  catered wedding reception than cook at home for the guests. A week ago was my older cousin’s wedding and after the wedding ceremony the reception follows at Hiland Beach Resort. It was my first time to visit the place but I have heard already that the resort is quite small to accommodate a lot of people and it was indeed very small for hundreds of guests but quite big enough for more than 50 people; the reception hall wasn’t well ventilated  there were only few stand fan around that the guest can’t eat properly and enjoys the cold food in the table,that’s right the food in the table were already cold because I guess they were served in the table before the guests arrives since the serving of sweet and sour meat balls was already being feasted by black ants who are known to infest sugar jar in most homeowner’s table, we have to return that particular food to the food server.

The groom family was the one responsible for the reception venue since the bride was the one responsible for other wedding details, church and etc. Anyway, Hiland Beach Resort reception hall was too  narrow to move around freely, the tables and chairs were too near into each other that it was even hard to get out if you seated in the middle of the long table. I think their yard and car park was more spacious than the reception hall.

The more I look at it the hall looks like a bigger breakfast hall for a hotel. Anyway, there was plenty of food left in the table I think because it was too uncomfortable to eat, it was quite hot and it is hard to move around with their table arrangement shown above and below.

What is also disturbing is the column in the middle of the reception hall that if you are seated farther back you can’t see what’s happening at the front where the groom and bride and their respective parents were seating. There’s not much space for the newly wed to make the first toast and traditional cake cutting.

Hiland Beach Resort has a longer hall but not spacious enough, it is a good wedding reception venue if you only have a small guests but if you are planning to invite 200 guests think twice about it. The lightning wasn’t that great too where the newly wed couple was seated, it is quite dim I wasn’t sure if it was because of wedding theme or simply because there was no enough light coming from the outside. The food was nice and tasted good the only down side they were not warm when we have them.

Wedding reception wasn’t the only one being catered at Hiland Beach Resort, they also accept bookings for birthday, school acquaintance, reunion parties and other special event you would like to be celebrated with your friends and families, their beach shore is ideal for beach wedding as well. You can reserve a booking at –

Brgy. Budiong, Odiongan, Romblon
Facebook page –
Mobile No. –  09395477009 or 09219908806.

Disclosure: This is NOT a sponsored post. Above written post was my own personal opinion and experience and might be different from yours.

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