Weird Dreams, Imagination and Clairvoyance

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Dreaming is part of our good night sleep; we sometimes dream a good dream, sometimes scary and sometimes a bad dream.  Sometimes dreams serve as a warning and sometimes an inspiration, I have dream some things but sometimes it ends up with a contrasting result, it was maybe brought by depression. I have been dreaming every thing will be alright but in reality they were not because I think someone’s heart was already covered in ice.

Well, I have been planning to create a separate blog to journal my dreams but I always end up not doing it. I have thought of creating one when I always experience sleep paralysis, it was really hard for me to wake up and I felt really exhausted upon waking up. My sleep paralysis ended when one night and I went to the kitchen to drink water without turning on the light, I saw a black shadow in front me, I was froze in one moment and when I blink he was gone in front of me and I sense another unseen beings giggling at my back. It was not that scary experience, it was more of a friendly gesture but I still end up sleeping inside the blanket uttering prayer for the being to see the light and find peace.

Since then, I never felt disturbing presence around me. The feeling of someone looking over your shoulders when cooking or washing dishes were gone, the being maybe already left or already went with the light. The last time I had a sleep paralysis was just this year, after my world turn upside down, I was so depressed honestly I don’t want to wake up that time and just let myself die but I have thought I am not ready yet, I still left some works to do.  So I tried to wake up and gladly I did.


Aside from seeing and feeling another being around, there are times I can see things when I closed my eyes, the unforgettable one was when one night when we are preparing to sleep, when I closed my eyes I saw a long haired guy, I tried to open my eyes but every time I closed it I am seeing the guy again, so I went beyond and wander, the guy looks like an aboriginal people in the West (Indian). His nose is bleeding, literally blood is running down coming from his nose and he isn’t smiling nor frowning, was it just like I am seeing a head turning around, like a prototype.  Then afterwards I’ve seen like a wall of large pot made of clay, it was brown and the design was very distinctive.

It was unforgettable because after few days, we received a news that J’s nephew died in an accident but before we are informed of it I’ve seen someone went to the kitchen from the bed when I went out the bathroom, I was honestly surprised when I saw J in bed and even told him that I though he went to the kitchen.  I didn’t connect the long haired guy to J’s nephew’s accident but when I accompanied him to the airport, I was lost going home and went to a wrong station. Going out the station finding my way out, I have seen the brown wall that is made of clay and that’s the time the connection sink to me.

I always felt like I am clairvoyant maybe I have third eye but it wasn’t opened, not fully opened. There are times I want it opened but then I am scared of consequences seeing things I shouldn’t see and knowing things I shouldn’t know.

Well, it was been a long time since I see nor feel strange things around me but with my current state I am embracing the gift again. Last night, I’ve dream something weird. The year doesn’t seem the present it was like it happened a few years back, houses were straw huts.  On my dream, a distant relative died, an uncle presumably.  There is a lot of people, the wife is crying the body is laying in the wooden bench, and when the body is trying to be covered by a wooden thing, maybe it is a coffin, at first try it doesn’t fit then in my naked eye it feels like the body was breathing, on the second try while trying to fit and cover him with the wooden coffin the body moves,  pushing away the arms and the wooden thing out his face and then he started coughing and choking, then I woke up.  It is weird isn’t it?

I have searched the meaning of it and what I found in one blog (see here) – The classical Chinese dream interpretation says that seeing a coffin or seeing the dead rise up from the coffin indicates the coming of wealth. Does it mean I am going to win a lottery or maybe I will dug out golds and jewelries?

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