What is your addiction?

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We have our own hobbies, collection and addiction. I had a fetish buying hair, face, and bath and body care products. I don’t know when does it started and how, as far as I remember I’ve been like this since I’m in the Philippines when my mother became Avon dealer. I just love to collect and look at them; I don’t use them unless I have too.  That’s why if you’re going to notice I have a lot if things that I just hide, I even buy small stuffs like pens and the last time I checked them some are already unusable that I need to dispose,  I think the ink stocked and dried. I also collect notebooks that I need to hide because my husband will scold me when he see me wasting my money. For him it is really a waste to buy something I am not going to use. So these stuffs are perfectly hidden in the cabinet only small stuffs can be seen.  I used things when they are already torn and ugly like when I brought my notebook in China, I am not planning to use it as possible but our bags get wet from the rain including my notebook, so no choice have to use it. As of now my husband was the one using it, jotting his in-active farm friends or seeds  he had no mastery in farmville. Sometimes taking down some names he need to search for his genealogy.
Well I can’t use these products because I also had jumbo stuffs in our bathroom, I have managed to put one shampoo (not in the picture) in my giveaway. Anyway I am thinking to send this home, for sure my mother will appreciate this so much. But when I packed them in a box, whew it is damn to heavy, I am going to be poor in postal fee. I think I need to stop buying stuffs for a while and concentrate on saving money for postal fee.

3 Responses to “What is your addiction?”

  1. Mrs. Kolca says:

    Haha. Ang dami nga nyan dear. Tama lang na ipa-giveaway mo ang iba. Later na'ko join sa giveaway para tumama pag-nirandom mo. Haha.

  2. cristina says:

    wow!nice..i like the dove's =D

  3. w0rkingAth0mE says:

    ano yan giveaways din hehe, akin n lang yn pantene, lolz

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