What makes “Turon” Special?

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Turrón (Tagalog: turon) is a typical Philippine snack. Though many varieties exist, a typical turrón is plantain and jackfruit wrapped in a springroll wrapper, dipped in brown sugar, then fried. This somewhat resembles banana spring rolls. These are also known as banana fritters.
TURON, when you came to Odiongan and ask where to buy turon everybody will guide you to PRECY’S (Percy) Carinderia, turon is a saba (banana) wrapped with a spring roll wrapper, roll in a brown sugar, then boiled (fried) in a large amount of oil. That’s the way I saw them cooked..
Percy’s Carinderia is I guess the oldest “kumuan” (budget meal) in town. I can still remember during my elementary days, you can buy viand (meat like giniling) in P3.00 only with soup huh?

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