Whatta Hair…..

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Just tonight when I am going to take a bath, I brought the scissors and comb with me in the bathroom. Why? Just a thought of cutting my own hair, it’s too long since the last time it was cut. It’s already on my bra line… Hubby saw me with the scissors he was annoyed upon seeing it, he really don’t want me to do silly things on my own hair, he keep advising me to see a professional hair salon. Well thinking how much I am going to spend in a salon, it is much better that I am going to cut my own hair. (Lol). My hair cut was not level, it was a layer cut so I want it to be straight and level. I try to cut a little inch, but I was not satisfied upon looking at the bathroom mirror which was very hard for me to see my hair fully. So I comb my hair and hold the bottom and cut it, disaster happened . I think I cut my hair sideways, that’s why when I look at the mirror again I think I’ve seen a bird’s nest. So I called my husband to come near me for a minute, he laughs so hard upon seeing my hair cut. I asked him to level it up, to make the cut straight. I was surprised because he didn’t say no, because he keep telling me not to ask him to cut my hair. So here’s the result of my new hair cut…hubby says my hair needs more cut to make it straight.

Seeing my hair now, I think I need a hair relax. The first and last time I have it done was when I am still in Odiongan. My straight hair became wavy, I think I really need to avoid using pony-tails…

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    ay taya! πŸ˜€

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