When the house is on fire!

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This is our house, as you can see it was burned. Lol! The story is below:

It was a normal day when I wake up, after drinking coffee I collected the firewood that tatay had axed before he went to work. When I am done I had ask my sister to put the firewood at the top of our “kalan” to make then dry. When my mother ask my sister to cook something for breakfast and saw the firewood, she told us not do it again because it will cause a fire. Well I don’t know else what happened after breakfast I have been busy washing our clothes. My sister and mother went outiside to see if they can make the palay dry because at last the sun had shine after a few days of raining. They found out the street outside was wet (because it is not cemented yet). After some road works we (coz I already joined them) found out that our water pipe is leaking.

After making optional way for the water with my uncle help and Budok, the water in the street became little, suddenly one of my cousin is hurriedly running and shouting “You’re house is on fire”. I hurriedly run at our house in return, a big fire on our kitchen welcome me and I was shocked but I immediately throw a water in it, then my mother came, some of the relatives follow and help to kill the fire. Everything on our small kitchen was wet, including the eggs of the chicken laying beside it. The chicken already flew, left her eggs on fire.

Our mother scold us, I never knew that my sister returned the firewood at the top of the heat. It was a very tiring day, if our house was burned. I guess my father will kill the two of us, it was his birthday that day. And our gift to him is burning our house. Lol!

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