White Day Gym

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Yesterday was White Day Celebration here so most of the stores has a bag, box of chocolates, candies and teddy bears. This is what I have received yesterday from Pookie bear and as usual from his students, kids.
Most of you know I suffered or had a back pain for almost one week, despite the pain I still go to gym not to work-out but just to fool around err I mean to be the spotter. When Pookie bear told me to come with him as spotter, my first reaction “Spotter? Are we going to play billiards?” Lol,  he gets annoyed again to me correcting him when I know between the two of us I am not the native English speaker. So if you also don’t know like me in weight training, a spotter will assist someone lifting a weight for safety – so I helped  and assisted him when he used heavy dumb bells or barb bells.
Due to I can’t work around the gym, I enjoyed myself taking photos on my own little ways, just lucky that the gym is not busy because it is too early.

Yesterday I am able to work-out again because I already feel better.
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3 Responses to “White Day Gym”

  1. chubskulit says:

    Hahaha dakilang alalay pala ang may bahay l;ol..

  2. chubskulit says:

    Di ba kayo nayanig sa lindol sa Japan?

  3. RyHeAnNe says:

    Oo nga Ate sidekick, hindi naman safe naman daw ang Korea sa lindol or tsunami. Thanks..

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