Wordless Wednesday

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I am wordless, speechless in short I have nothing much to say, I have been busy these past few days earning some few cents online, maybe you know it already. Am I being redundant? Anyway my legs, thigh was sore this whole weekend because of this work-out. I thought I am going to be crippled, hubby and I just found out that I don’t have any muscles on my feet (lol) I don’t even know how to squat and bend my feet and lower the other one. I always hit the floor, and I almost roll in  the floor. Hubby keeps laughing at me, I am laughing too to myself even I am so ashamed for being lame. So what happened after those exercises? My thighs are all sore, cannot even walk straight, cannot even use stairs, cannot even bend my knees, cannot even make it straight without a loud “Ouch” and a crying like a baby (huhuhu). I am a such a baby, but it really hearts though.

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  1. Al de Cruz says:

    wordless pa yan ha.. sa una lang yan.. continous workout e masasanay na yang muscles mo hehe sa sakit..

    I made some click.
    for a few cents hehe

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