Yellow is for Banana

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I have been here in South Korea  for almost 11 moths going to be one year next month, and with that I never ate Filipino food since then, well I ate chicken adobo but for me it is not yet counted because the soy sauce and the taste don’t taste like the normal Filipino adobo (lol). The only thing I can eat here came from the Philippines is this banana (below),  it is from Del Monte Philippines. Actually I never know it, been eating the banana for months until I have picked the banana with a company logo and there I saw it.

I know you are wondering if there is  Filipino community here? When I attended a CFO seminar the interviewee told me about it but she never know what’s the address, she just told me that I a gonna reached it by subway. My cousin is working in Gumi and she told there’s Filipino food over there as well as my classmates in Daegu so I concluded Filipino community was there. I have read about Hyehwa but I was never interested about the place because I thought Hyehwa is in Daegu. Too damn lazy to look at the subway map.  (lol). 
Anyway Hyehwa  is just in Seoul but it is now impossible for me to go there, we are not anymore in Seoul and even though we are there I cannot even go there every Sunday. As what hubby says if  someone cannot adapt in a certain country you cannot live anywhere, so if I cannot adapt here in Korea I can go home to Philippines (lol) well  little by little I am now adapted in Korean food  and I think when I went home to Philippines my tongue will feel new to the taste. lol


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  1. Mrs. Kolca says:

    i love eating bananas esp. latundan.. hihi.. sarap yan!

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