Yhanne with her colorful pencils

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The Ugly me. Yap, this is me when I was 13 years of age. My very first photo shot in a photo shop/centre except for school ID’s, it is my mother who brought me here after school, the shop is just near the school gate and it happened that Nanay knows the camera man so she was intrigued to push me inside to have this photo.
Do you see any difference in the photo? Well I know you don’t, the only things that make the photo different fro my new photos is my SMILE, as you can see there’s no smile on my lips. All of my photo when I am in grade school to high school looks like that, I never smile on my photo before.

I am a lonely little girl who lives on my own world, the four walls of my room. No playmates, nobody likes me. Everybody hates bullied me, if I am going to forget something that is my childhood in Odiongan. Just want to share my  MY AUTOBIORAPHY I did not change it anymore i first write my autobiography when I was in high school and re-written it when I was in college.

The deaf silence around the delivery room of TARLAC PROVINCIAL HOSPITAL was broke when a cute baby girl was born at exactly 5:20 in the morning, 17th of October, twenty years ago. The baby is few days earlier than the expected birth of November. As the first born in the family the baby became the strength and happiness of her parents, her father and her mother.
As the baby grows she already catches attention from the people surrounds her, everybody loves her as everybody admires her cuteness including those foreigners who get acquainted with her in her early years. There’s an instance that a father unselfishly offered his own child in return of the cute baby girl but her parents delightfully refused the offer. They lovingly treasured the cute baby girl and been baptized on April 05, 19878 at St. Vincent Catholic Church, Tarlac City. At eight months old YHANNE to her parents got her first step and in few months she has her first word “Mama! Papa! At age two and a month she already know how to translate animal names into English language, and at age three and a months the life of her parents became gray and dull when she was accidentally hitted and pinched by a running tricycle, she was hurriedly rushed to a private hospital without thinking of the bills because it is a matter of life and death. She got a lot of bruises on her back and a wound on her thigh but he most affected part was her head, softness occurred. It was a miracle that YHANNE had over come all of it. She attended her first school at MATATALAIB BUNO ELEMENTARY SCHOOL as preparatory level, she enjoyed to draw anything into her pad of paper and without any hint of her tomorrow’s, YHANNE on her early age started to collect different color of pencils in green, yellow, blue and red.
When she reached her six years of age she blow her last birthday cake after the changes on there life happened the time when her father told her to drop “Papa” and change it to Tatay as “Mama” to Nanay. She attended her first intermediate days at DAMASO BRIONES ELEMENATARY SCHOOL and after a week she was transferred to CARANGIAN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL and then suddenly her parents decided to move out into her father’s hometown. A typical province far from civilization YHANNE first conclusion after her feet landed in the land where she finally enrolled her grade one in the late month of June at ODINGAN SOUTH CENTRAL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL where she finished her elementary level constantly in section one. As an alien to everybody on her first year of stay in the locality she became the center of attraction in terms of funniest jokes, the unforgettable moment of her childhood years, the tears she cried. At the age of fourteen the destiny permits her to use her colorful pencils when she had written her first mushy poem. She graduated her high school at ROMBLON STATE COLLEGE the most popular college in the province. Her high school days were the happiest moment she had on her younger years.

And now at twenty RYANNE or simply YHANNE to my family meanwhile HERZ to my friends I am now a fourth year college student taking up BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY here at ROMBLON STATE COLLEGE, my Alma Mater. I am still proud that I was raised from a poor family and been blessed by a scholarship grant (STATE SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM) in order to continue my studies. I am a homebody type of person sometimes I’m nice and sometimes I’m naughty but it depends upon the people that surrounds me. I am a piece of hard headed what I think I’ll do it but I make sure it wouldn’t harm others. I’m moody and I hate interruptions, I am a little bit shy and childish but I’m sweet fun loving friend to everybody. I love music I can’t live with outit around me and I do believe that music can touch one’s life. I enjoyed reading and watching movies and I also love writing simple poems, essays and sometimes short stories and scripts through my writings you will deeply know me, my sensitivity!I have a lot of dreams and at the age of twenty-six I’m hoping that all will be materialized and I do believe that all the things we are trying to struggle is our destiny!!!


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  1. Mrs. Kolca says:

    Kakarelate naman ako sa story mo dear. Kelan ka uwi sa Pinas? Meet tayo huh. Hihi.

  2. Vernz says:

    Hi, wow, MMK yata tong nababasa ko… pero Yhanne papano kaba napunta sa Korea?

    sali din ako sa nostalgia.

    Those Were The Days

  3. Mama Ko says:

    Wow sis, good to know that you still have this pictures with you. Good thing you discover the art and beauty ifsmiling now coz you look prettier when you smile. nice biography sis, Im impressed. Ako when Iwas at that age, i am busy playing hehe

  4. chubskulit says:

    Whoa, grabe na ito hehehe, pwede ng pang television.. Your autobiography is quite impressive.. Thanks for joining again.. Leave me comment too if you can mwah!

  5. nuts says:

    oh wow, impressive autobiography!! my photos too in my early childhood years were quite funny. i don't know how to smile either.

  6. thoughts-ideas-resources.com says:

    Ooh that's a nice literary.. I enjoyed every word you I read and made me think what's the next.. that's a beautiful story! Happy nostalgia.. God bless and good luck.. you're a fine intelligent student, alam kong may marami kang maabot.. good luck! ~hugs~

    Here's My Nostalgia: Friendship Moments

    See yah.. 🙂

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