A Birthday and Eating Dinner at a Relative’s House

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Children’s birthday are well celebrated over here when parents are can afford to held a party. My older cousin’s G youngest daughter celebrated her 2nd birthday today and they have a celebration at home where relatives and neighbors were invited for dinner, there is a separate place for my cousin’s visitors and friends, and they’re drinking while singing at the videoke machine they’ve rented.

Well, we just ate and left. We didn’t stay any longer because nobody is left in our home; our father is at relative house, my older cousin G’s father exactly they are having their own drinking session. I have went home twice while everybody is still eating, the first one when I brought my left over food. I didn’t eat all of the food in my plate; I am saving it for rainy days I mean for tomorrow. I have thought if I ate a lot tonight it will be hard for me to digest all the food overnight, I am starting to gain weight again these past few days since I ate a lot of rice again.

Birthday Dinner

The second time when I get ice packs, my older cousin G’s wife requested for an ice pack and I volunteer to get it since my sister is still busy with her food. When I went home our cats were following me in the street especially the three little kittens we found in a garbage pit, it looks like they were already hungry. I have to pick them and brought them home before leaving the house, older cousin G’s house is just across the street.

Anyway, to cut the story short after steaming the rice in the pot I have decided to feed the kittens and I throw a chicken bone to our dog I had from the birthday party but without my knowing the smallest kitten went directly to our dog making it angry so she bit the kitten leaving me shocked by surprised.

Well, while blogging right now I can hear the visitors singing in the videoke machine and I felt like crying hearing the older love songs, I am an old soul.

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