A Blessed Sunday: The Beauty of Being Faithful

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It was second Sunday of the month today and it is changed pulpit Sunday, a different Pastor delivered a message. The service proper was started late because there is a short discussion about the upcoming Thanksgiving and Foundation Day of the church.

Some people at my back was a bit shocked when the leader sit in the chair where a Pastor usually seated, I heard someone asked if the leader will be the preacher, it answers my thought that there is something wrong when the service proper started. Anyway the scriptural topic delivered by the Pastor was “The Beauty of Being Faithful” and the scriptural verse was from Job 2: 1-6, according to Pastor R there are three beauties of being faithful and the first one is God is proud to us.  He is proud when we live a clean and upright life like the life of Job, the Pastor also added that God wasn’t lacking and He didn’t commit mistake when He send over trials and problems to us, maybe it was us who did something wrong.

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Secondly, God is concerned to us. He won’t let us down, He will help us when we are willing to help ourselves first. He doesn’t walk away but we are the one who walk away from God through the sins we are making. Pastor R also says if you are concerned to someone it means you love that person just like how God is concerned to us because He love us.

The last beauty of being faithful is God is sufficient.  There are a lot of things God want us to have, to experience but all He wanted first is for us to be faithful to Him.  How? Pastor R says we must do all things with love,in short  do all things to God with love.

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