A Blessed Sunday: The Beat of A Thankful Heart

It was been a long time since I blogged about Sunday, I have been procrastinated on doing so. I have planned to just write a late post but my mind was too busy and can’t focus.

How are you going to describe your heart today?  That’s the question asked by Pastor E to everyone and I could write a long sentence to describe mine but I’ll just skip that.  The scriptural verse for this Sunday was from Luke 17: 11-19 with the scriptural topic of “The Beat of a Thankful heart”.

Pastor E shared  that the thankful heart beats for those who are without.  We see hurting people all around us and yet we are paralyzed to help because our hearts are telling us:

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  • “Why bother…nobody will change”.
  • “It’s too risky…you might fail or get hurt.”
  • “Someone else can a better effort at helping than I can.”

Secondly, the thankful heart beats with a faith that things can change no matter what the circumstances. As Paul  said on Philippians 4:6-7 ~

Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.

It is with a heart of thanksgiving that we are to pray and let God know our needs. When we pray, God can do two things:

  1. Change our circumstance
  2. Give us His peace in our circumstance

Thirdly, The thankful heart beats for the Giver…not just the gift and lastly the thankful heart beats with thanksgiving and more is given.

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A Blessed Sunday: Framework of the Home

Today is the continuation of Pastor E’s teaching about the home, his topic is about the “Framework of the Home” from the book of Ephesians 5: 22-23 and Ephesians 6:1-4.

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Pastor E talk about the husband and wife on the first part of his message even thought I don’t want my tears flow instantly. He says the women sacrifice just to be with their husband, they left their family so they could with their husband and all men has the accountability to love and cherish them so they could flourish, he encourage the men to be the man of identity, be a leader but not a dictator,  be a man of integrity.

Pastor E asked the men congregation how do they treat their wife. Do they treat them unjustly or humiliate them in front of other people? As it says, humiliating your wife doesn’t do a you any good because your wife reflects you.  It is true that most wife are abused inside the home because they are weak, have lesser value compare to their husband. Pastor E says the wives are the women who took courage and struggled to form a complete home and it doesn’t mean they have to go down.

The second part of his preaching is for children to honor their parents and obey them.

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A Blessed Sunday:  Serving in the Shadows (Epaphras)

This Sunday is different from the other Sundays because today I am not just part of the congregation. I am the liturgist today and it is making me nervous, since this will be my first time to be speaking at the pulpit in front of the congregation.

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Today is the third Sunday that Pastor E talks about people who serves in the Shadows, and this Sunday he talks about Epaphras life from the books of Colossians 1: 7-8 and Colossians 4: 12-13 , his faithful dedication , cooperation, conviction, commitment and consistency.

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A Blessed Sunday:  Serving in the Shadows (Hur)

The topic of Pastor E’s preaching this Sunday is a continuation of his topic the previous Sunday, it is about Serving in the Shadows but today it is about Hur, from the book of Exodus 17: 8-13.

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Pastor E talks about Hur’s character,  Hur has support and cooperation, potential and his participation is persistence. He encourage everyone to be faithful in their  place serving God and use everyone’s God given talent to serve God,  he said that a potential without participation is a little value and participation is essential but without persistence you will not see victory.

Today, my mother and sister went to church with me after a long years of her not going to the church. I have been inviting her but she doesn’t want to, but one surprising day she just said she want to go to church and it happened today.

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A Blessed Sunday: The Cost of Discipleship

It’s the last Sunday of the month and Pastor E’s topic on his preaching today was from the book of Luke 14: 25-33 with a a topic of “The Cost of Discipleship”. Blessings are free and costly and there is very little blessings require in serving the Lord conveniently, Pastor E asked the congregation that considering God’s investment in us, what God have received from us?

Pastor E also gave some points on the cost of discipleship like the criteria, God says on verse 26 to love Him more than we love our parents, brother and sisters and whoever do not so cannot be his disciple then on verse 27  it was said that in following Jesus there will be a cross to carry, it means responsibility and on verse 28 we have to sit down and think if we can continue serving God given the responsibilities and cost.

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A Blessed Sunday – Jochebed: A Portrait of Godly Mother

On the previous Sunday the church celebrated Mother’s Sunday and today Pastor E’s preaching was about Jochebed, wife of Amram and the mother of Aaron, Miriam and Moses. The scriptural verse was from Exodus 2: 1-10, Pastor E talks about Jochebed’s selfless love for her children.

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Anyway, Pastor E continue his preaching about things to see in Jochebed’s life which are enumerated in four C’s: The first one was her credentials, she was born to the Levites in Egypt and wife of Amran. Jochebed’s credential was her deep relationship with the Lord. She and her husband were evidently very dedicated and religious people. They were willing to defy the order of Pharaoh and keep the commandments of God. Secondly, courage, she was very courageous woman this could be seen in  Verse 2 where Jochebed refused to give in to a godless system that would have cost her the life of her son. Thirdly, Jochebed has confidence to resist the world and was strong woman motivated by a strong faith for God’s will and the last C is charity, she has a wonderful way on how she gave herself to her kids.

Have you ever had to give up and let go of someone or something very precious to you?

When you let go, when you released that person or that thing, did you feel like part of you was breaking; now there was some new emptiness in your life, isn’t it? As what we can read in the bible, Jochebed  give away her 3-month-old baby, not knowing what would happen to him, she placed baby Moses in a papyrus basket and put it among the reeds along the bank of the Nile…

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A Blessed Sunday: Honor your Mother

Last Sunday was Mother’s day but it was just this Sunday that the church celebrated Mother’s day, yes it was a week late. Within the service, three young people shared testimonies about their mother’s, their love and sacrifices for them. The church gave token of appreciation for all mothers in the church, they were given a hand fan which is useful this summer season. Pastor E’s scriptural topic is about honoring mothers, treating them with admiration and respect and the scriptural verse was from Ephesians 6: 1-2.

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Pastor E quote from the bible that mothers are like precious gems and rare stones (Ephesians 6:2). We can honor our mothers by recognizing her work, giving her respect (Proverbs 20:20), valuing them as our mother and considering them highly and spend time with them.

My mother wasn’t perfect like everyone else, we always disagree with each other when we have different views and opinions about things but when something went wrong around me I know that there’s only one person I can cry and talk too and that’s her.

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A Blessed Sunday: Building a Legacy that Lasts

The church proper service today didn’t started early because there is a small meeting on what to do next Sunday and who’s to send as delegates in the convention of Baptist churches next month. I was asked by older women member if I would like to go but I declined since it is going to held in far away town of our province. The convention usually take three or more days but everything from fare, registration and food will be shouldered by the church.

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This Sunday is also Baccalaureate Sunday so there is a recognition and dedication of graduates from all levels. One graduate also gave testimony on God’s faithfulness on her struggles while studying. Anyway, Pastor E finally delivered the scriptural message this Sunday and his scriptural topic is Building a Legacy that Lasts which can be found at Mark 12: 28-31. He asked everyone if it would make a difference if you learned you had very little time left? Would it change your priorities if you felt life slipping away?

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Just like Reverend R’s message a few Sunday’s ago, Pastor E’s basis of topic was about a person who’s expert in the law asked  God what is the greatest commandment and Jesus replied that it is to love God and to love the people God puts around you. Pastor E says Jesus modeled this perfectly, and his legacy has had more impact on the world than any individual in history. He didn’t leave a legacy of money, property or power. Instead, he left a legacy of loving God completely, and sacrificially loving us and a legacy of loving others.

Would it make a difference if you learned you had very little time left? Would it change your priorities if you felt life slipping away? We are all running out of time. The opportunity to leave the legacy we want is one day shorter than it was yesterday.

Pastor shared a few stories and parable about the goat and lamb and then asked everyone if what is the legacy we are leaving on earth since we are leaving foot prints behind us.

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A Blessed Sunday: The Beauty of Being Faithful

It was second Sunday of the month today and it is changed pulpit Sunday, a different Pastor delivered a message. The service proper was started late because there is a short discussion about the upcoming Thanksgiving and Foundation Day of the church.

Some people at my back was a bit shocked when the leader sit in the chair where a Pastor usually seated, I heard someone asked if the leader will be the preacher, it answers my thought that there is something wrong when the service proper started. Anyway the scriptural topic delivered by the Pastor was “The Beauty of Being Faithful” and the scriptural verse was from Job 2: 1-6, according to Pastor R there are three beauties of being faithful and the first one is God is proud to us.  He is proud when we live a clean and upright life like the life of Job, the Pastor also added that God wasn’t lacking and He didn’t commit mistake when He send over trials and problems to us, maybe it was us who did something wrong.

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Secondly, God is concerned to us. He won’t let us down, He will help us when we are willing to help ourselves first. He doesn’t walk away but we are the one who walk away from God through the sins we are making. Pastor R also says if you are concerned to someone it means you love that person just like how God is concerned to us because He love us.

The last beauty of being faithful is God is sufficient.  There are a lot of things God want us to have, to experience but all He wanted first is for us to be faithful to Him.  How? Pastor R says we must do all things with love,in short  do all things to God with love.

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A Blessed Sunday: God’s Love and Us

It is the last Sunday of the month today, Pastor E and his family is already home but the church already invited a new speaker, which is Pastor J.

The scriptural topic this Sunday was from the book of 1 Corinthians 13: 3-7 and 13 with the scriptural topic about God’s love. According to Pastor J, love is sacrifice. If we love God His words reflect to ourselves, if we have something to sacrifice for God it would be our time.

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Love is trust (1 corinthians 13:7) without trust there is no faith. We should always trust God and let Him rule with our life. Pastor J says that trust is also important among married couple so that their relationship won’t fail and prosper.

Love  doesn’t fade away (Psalms 136), Pastor J says we should go far away from God’s love and we should love God as always. She set an example how a young couple started their lives together as very sweet couple and they go to church together and how they ended walking to church separately after 50 years of marriage.

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