A Neighbor Found Eight Turkey Eggs in the Bush

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Yesterday, I overheard from inside our house that my sister was talking to someone outside, it sounds like she is talking with the older woman in the neighborhood (L) and they are talking what kind of eggs were found in the bush. Curious, I went outside to take a look on the eggs and it was concluded that they were turkey eggs since they are not smooth, they are eight of them.

Turkey Eggs

It turns out Mrs. L found them while cutting grass for their cow; the eggs are wet since it rained a few days ago.  My sister asked our cousin’s son to call his grandmother to tell that their turkey lay eggs in the bushy fields and since they were already wet and there will be no chance that they’re going to be hatched our aunt gave three eggs to  my sister to boiled.

Today, the turkey went back looking for her eggs and the turkey is probably heart broken not finding her eggs since day were already taken out the bush the day before.

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