An Empty Street in Icheon Downtown

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An empty house, a whole inside my heart. Well I think that’s enough of singing of out of tune, just one lonely night I went out to look for pizza place which I already blog previously, so today I just want to share the photo I have taken in the shopping district. On the day light this street is very busy but on very late night it is empty.

As you can see (do you?) most of the stores has no metal door,  you can still see what’s inside the store through the glass walls. In Philippines I guess you cannot do this unless you have guards on duty,.

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2 Responses to “An Empty Street in Icheon Downtown”

  1. Elvirah says:

    Its really nice to know that in Phillipines law and order is very strict and disciplined. That is why you could walk across a silent, quiet streets with no one around you.

    • adminryanne says:

      Well actually this is not from Philippines, this is here in Korea as what I what have said in the end of my post you can’t find this in Philippines. 🙂

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