Moving Into a New Town

I am quite busy these past few days that I can’t update my blogs, I am busy both offline and online. In the next few days we are moving to a new apartment  that’s why I became so busy packing our things, it was not done yet because we are still using the pots and utensils.

Moving Home

Today my husband’s director will visit here in our apartment and she will take us to our new apartment. Gladly I have cleaned last night so it is not going to be shameful when she came here.

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Unexpected Visitor

I felt stress on my neck the other night after having unexpected visitor.  My husband and I was sort of busy in front of our laptops when we heard a car with engine on in front of the apartment followed by someone trying to unlock the glass door beside our apartment door and then rang our doorbell. We didn’t mind it because we are already used that our doorbell was always mistaken as doorbell for the main door (for the apartment upstairs).  It was repeated many times followed by knocking on our door and unlocking our door lock too, but as the code was wrong our door remains closed.

My husband asked me to check it, the moment I opened our door I greet the person behind it but I was shock when she stormed inside our apartment, took his shoes off and made her way to our glass sliding door despite of me blocking on her way. I was surprised on her presence so I have asked the unexpected visitor who she was, she replied “(Her name) from Korea”.

Anyway she quickly went inside as if it was her own apartment I help her slide the door so my husband can see her because he is asking who it was, well I thought too it was my husband’s co-teacher and she has an urgent matter or information for my husband. Upon seeing my husband she quickly turn around like how quick she went inside our apartment,  she stumble to the shoes in our door. The funny thing is when she went out she is wearing my husband’s pair of sneaker so I handed her ugg boots to her, she says sorry and I just nod. I closed the door afterwards and I have heard she went to the other door beside ours, so I opened our door a little to see what she is doing.  She knocked to the next door and trying to unlock the door. I thought she was just lost because it happens many times already so I closed our door.

When nobody opens the door for her she went back to the main door, unlocking and banging it. Still no sign that someone will open it for her she went back to our door, rang our doorbell and unlocking our door and then we heard her running quickly out of the apartment building and we heard knocking to other apartment building.My husband says the teenage girl seems to have down syndrome and probably she escaped from their home and now can’t find where it was. I think she already find their home after leaving our apartment building because I didn’t hear banging noise anymore. Though after she left that’s where I felt nervous and stress on my neck. Thinking what if someone with a knife or gun is behind our door when I opened it? So I have told myself I am not going to open the door anymore unless I waiting for my order online.

The next morning someone knock on our door and rang our doorbell and I didn’t open it nor my husband opened it. Then we heard a woman talking on the phone I am not sure if it was the landlady because she sounds like her, probably they saw what happened last night in the CCTV and just want to check or say something.

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Cold Day and Starbucks in Icheon Soon

Well after more than one month I have already decided what this blog all about, this will be my journal in expat living here in Korea. To start with it is chilling cold today with -16 degree Celsius, the frost from yesterday are still in the street but most of them are clean and shoveled by locals.

Starbucks Icheon

We went to Lotte Super today to shop for our weekly supplies and I have found out that in the nearby building where Family Mart stands is now under-renovation, soon Starbucks will rise in that area. Within two year of living here in Icheon I have witnessed how the city progress, more and more building, establishments are built.

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Snow Days Can be Dangerous

I am quite busy tweaking these past few days that I can’t visit my blogs and post an article, I am also procrastinated. I have nothing else to write maybe because I don’t usually share and talk what I am doing and etc., sort of private person huh? Lol!

It snowed a lot today it cause heavy traffic in the main street I remember a friend who wished to snow a lot I just chuckled remembering her childish wish. Heavy snow can cause a lot of problems and accidents in the street eh., Anyway I  decided to rest for a while and blog I am going to tweak again tomorrow.

I have cooked  a soup tonight and as usual my husband told me to separate soup for him all he wanted is the vegetable and he don’t like macaroni on it, too much carbohydrates as what he reasoned out.

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Eating Marathon Before Vacation

Few more days before our vacation but instead of feeling relax and excited. I feel so stressed and running out of time. I have to eat all the food here before we left, my husband keep reminding me to eat the grapes in the fridge or else it is going to be thrown in the garbage, and it means no more grapes in the future as in we are not going to buy this fruit in the future. So today even though I don’t feel like eating grapes I have to eat, the grapes doesn’t look fresh anymore but they are still sweet and juicy.

Green Grapes

We bought this grapes on sale in Lotte Super the last time we shopped my husband asked me if I am able to eat them before they turns bad, I said yes but few days had passed the grapes are still in the fridge.

Anyway aside from eating grapes my assignment for today is to cook soup because  the zucchini, cabbage and carrots in the fridge will be in bad state if we left them uncooked before our vacation. I have cooked the soup just so lucky that my husband helps me to eat it or else more food is going to spoiled. I still have one dozen of yoghurt in the fridge that needs to be eaten before our vacation, jezz I am going to gain weight that’s for sure.

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Internet Connection Failure in Korea

Around two o’clock this morning our internet connection disappeared and  never came back until four in the morning where we patiently waited. When we wake up this afternoon there’s still no internet connection so I have told my husband maybe its time to call his co-teacher, so we went out to call Jade and went to supermarket afterwards to buy rice.

We told Jade that we are going to call her again after thirty minutes after we’re done shopping, so we called her at the street pay phone and she said the technician will visit our apartment at two o’clock PM, we thought we still have a lot of time but it turns out we spend more than one hour looking for cheap price of rice, because it is already twenty minutes after two o’clock in the afternoon.


The technician came with a modem, I think he thought the problem is our modem but when he tested it, it works fine. So he talk to someone in the phone, it sounds like he is dialing a customer service because I can hear his call being transfer. Anyway after few minutes our internet is back, hopefully it won’t disappear again or else as what my husband says we are going to transfer another provider because this is not the first time it happens. Since last week our internet connection is on and off, and today is the second time Jade called a technician.

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An Empty Street in Icheon Downtown

An empty house, a whole inside my heart. Well I think that’s enough of singing of out of tune, just one lonely night I went out to look for pizza place which I already blog previously, so today I just want to share the photo I have taken in the shopping district. On the day light this street is very busy but on very late night it is empty.

As you can see (do you?) most of the stores has no metal door,  you can still see what’s inside the store through the glass walls. In Philippines I guess you cannot do this unless you have guards on duty,.

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On Sending EMS Package from Korea

Finally the box I’ve sent to Philippines last Friday arrived today to my family. I thought it is already gone missing because when I tracked it the last information the box arrived in the Philippines and nothing else.

My sister is so happy upon seeing pringle’s in the box, she said it’s been a long time since she’s been asking our mother to buy her pringle’s  so the pringle’s I’ve sent is just on time. One of the souvenirs I’ve sent was broken so they just glued it. Maybe the box was not carried carefully or they just throw it away (sigh). Oh well the good thing is the box still arrived., my worried feeling for it is gone.

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Middle of the Night and Craving for Pizza

I wake up late today, it is already noon time. Felt so tired last night, my husband asked me to buy some profiteroles but sad to say nothing is left so I bought muffins instead. When I reached home he is not satisfied with the bake goods and he asked me to look for pizza in the middle of the night, I walked to the pizza place I know and they are all closed. I thought his craving will end up there, but I am wrong he asked me to look for loaf of bread as he wants to have grilled cheese sandwich so I went out again and when I came home I prepared the grilled cheese sandwich.

Korean Local Bakeshop

It has been a long walk last night, I also try to go to Watsons to buy chocolates but it is already closed when I reached there.

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More Korean Street Food for Us: Korean Sundae

Did not do much today, we’ve sent the box of goodies home. It’s been here for few months already and I didn’t have a chance to send it until today. My husband got annoyed when I didn’t open the door for him in the postal office, it just happened that I forgot about it, haha plus I am walking  after him, so he told me that next time he wouldn’t carry my box anymore.

Korean Sundae

After gym we walked  to the bus station to buy street foods like hotdog, sundae, teokkbogi  and a lot more which I cannot remember the name.  We feasted at them when we reached home,.

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