Blood Relations, Resumes and Opportunities

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A popular food establishment is going to open in our town, first one in the province. They currently hiring for staff with the age limit of 18-22, my sister tried to submit a resume but she exceeded the age limit so she informed some distant cousins and neighbors that were younger to try their luck. So last night, I was startled why my family is sitting in our porch, it turns out two distant cousins in different level came to have their resume created since we accept encoding jobs, I end up creating the resumes since my sister think I can do it better.


Before that, in the afternoon one of our male older cousin informed my sister that a shipping company is looking for an office staff to do booking and printing of ferry tickets, but it turns out they need a male employee. After a while my sister was surprised when someone came to our house and wanted to learn on how to use a computer and printing, maybe he was told of hiring news and wanted to apply for the job. My sister declined because it isn’t easy to teach someone in just a few hours how to use a computer in instant, well she is right I have classmates in college who still doesn’t know how to operate a computer while we are already graduating students that time. LOL

My family informed one of our very distant cousins who came to have his resume created to apply for the opening in the shipping company since he graduated college and  he is computer literate too. You might wondering, in Philippines especially in rural areas, all the people living around the neighborhood are related on different level of bloodline and sometimes it stretch up to 1-3 kilometers that there is blood connection.

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