Broke and Blogging

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Do you know the feeling of having nothing? When I saw beggars in the street I surely gave something even it is small amount not because I have extra money but because I know the feeling of having nothing. I also believed that you will only touch someone’s life once, you’ll not going to see that person again especially if you meet him/her in the street you are not familiar with.


It is end of the month and it is time to pay bills so we have empty pockets. Well, today I have to feel that nothing feeling again, it was been almost three weeks since my father lost his job, our rice container was already empty literally empty so we had to eat piece of bread and just drink a cup of coffee tonight. If you will ask my sister, it was great because it will mean she will not to eat rice and she will lose weight. Anyway, I have to get some coins from my wine bank so I can buy piece of bread, gladly there is small rice for my father to eat and to feed our pets. I am working online but my earning is not regular, there are times I can earn from my blog and there are times I can’t especially these days where blogging is slow. I had just cleaned the list of blogs I worked with and guess how many blogs or bloggers had stop blogging? I have found 454 dropped domains, those are the domains that has been abandoned and not renewed, which mean the blogs that were attached to that domain were gone because the owner stop writing/blogging that’s how poor blogging these days.  Yeah, I know I should find a regular job in our island, but the bad news I can’t find one and I guess people will not believed me even if I applied to a job because of this perception that if you are married to a power ranger you are rich. Seriously, I hate that way of thinking because it is not always true.

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