Butterfly Theme Dedication and Birthday Party

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We’ve went to a distant cousin’s daughter dedication and birthday party, it was in the neighboring barangay.  We arrived late because we have to wait until our father came home from work, he is working out of town and then we have to go directly to town to buy load for TV so we could have other channels to watch, thanks to their new subscription fee we are able to avail few channels for $2.12, way better than watching only one channel when just using antenna.

Dedication and Birthday Party

The reception was decorated grandiosely, the entrance was adorned with colorful balloons arched together, the main hall was a steal, there’s table for the favors, sweets and cookies, cakes and pictures,  food is catered and etc.  When we arrived,  the party host is facilitating a game for the kids. It’s a buffet so we help ourselves with the food,  we find a vacant table in the corner where we ate silently. Our immediate relatives came home ahead of us since they’ve done eating when we arrived.

Dedication and Birthday Party

[After the party]

We stayed a little longer as well because we have short conversation with our grandaunts after giving our respect, that’s where we found out that an uncle died a few days ago, before heading home we stop by at the reception hall to take pictures, it looks like the party theme is butterflies, we are told that a lot of butterflies were freed when the party started, that’s where the celebrant’s grandmother told us to help ourselves with the cake, well we went home with not only cake but a viand for our father as well, and one of our grandaunt handed a pancit to be given to our grandmother who came home early.

Maybe if we arrived early at the reception, we are able to get better photos while the decoration and food were not touched or eaten yet.

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