Chicken Burger Cravings

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After two weeks vacation in Russia we finally came home the other night. Anyway last night my husband requested me to treat him, he is craving for chicken burger and instant meal. So I went to the nearby convenient store to buy the food he likes. It’s a treat so I’ll pay for it, as I don’t know which one is chicken burger I bought the 3 burgers I saw in the food shelf.

Burger and Chocolate

Aside from burgers I also bought a meal and energy chocolates he requested too upon seeing them near the counter I am already thinking of going to other convenient store if I didn’t see them. For the last minute I run to the fridge shelf to take chocolate drink, I didn’t buy anything for myself aside from the chocolate drink because I am thinking that I can any of the burger if my husband doesn’t like them or there’s no chicken burger on three of them.

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