Chicken Cooked in Coconut Milk (Chicken Curry)

Chicken curry is one the Filipino food I missed living abroad, when you live in a country which is not tropical like Philippines, coconut is not easy to find. Although there is some coconut milk in can but the effect and result isn’t the same of fresh coconut milk. They are tending to be more oily and sweeter, it looks like they are more appropriate to use in cooking sweetened rice or rice cakes.

Chicken Curry

The other day, my mother asked us what we would like to eat so I suggest chicken cooked in coconut milk or chicken curry. It was been a long time since I had it, so we bought chicken and a piece of coconut.

Chicken curry can be cooked in variety of ways or with different ingredients but normally in the province chicken curry is cooked with raw papaya.

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A Box of BHC Chicken and Free Beach Mat

The other night we decided to have BHC Chicken, it was been a month already since the last time we had this chicken as we are eating 59 pizza for the last two weeks while we are on vacation for the first two weeks. The shop owner already know me so she directly went to the kitchen to cook the chicken while I wait in the table.

BHC Chicken

When I pay they gave me a beach mat, at first I thought it is a bag where I could use while shopping groceries but when I opened it at home it was a mat to be use at the beach this summer.

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Rainy Day Perfect for BHC Chicken

The weather yesterday was not good, it was dark and there’s light rain. We’ve decided to have chicken from BHC, dunno what happen because the last time we had 2 box of fried chicken my husband says he is tired of BHC chicken. Anyway I went down without umbrella thinking the rain already stops but sad to say it didn’t so I went back to the elevator and while waiting four high school students rushed beside me, I think they saw me when I went out and extend my arm checking if the rain is strong enough for me to get soak if I went out without umbrella. I said hi to the girls and explain them I need umbrella probably it was their first time to see an alien like me. Lol.

BHC Chicken

After getting umbrella I went down again and the students were not there anymore probably they already went home. At BHC chicken I ordered their new chicken dish 우쌀힝 – Chicken Rice instead of the Gold Chicken.

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Green Salad with Chicken Tidbits

My husband “discover” a new meal that he could add on his diet, green salad with tomato, lettuce, olive oil, vinegar and chicken tidbits all mixed together. I say discover because it is not part of his diet but one night while looking for a food to eat he saw my tomatoes in the fridge and he decided to prepare a salad and voila it became part of his diet after few days.

Chicken Salad

Well eating salad became also part of my diet since I don’t eat a lot of vegetables, I usually ate meat, sausages, spam and eggs. It was not a balance meal and I surely need green food.

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Chicken Burger Cravings

After two weeks vacation in Russia we finally came home the other night. Anyway last night my husband requested me to treat him, he is craving for chicken burger and instant meal. So I went to the nearby convenient store to buy the food he likes. It’s a treat so I’ll pay for it, as I don’t know which one is chicken burger I bought the 3 burgers I saw in the food shelf.

Burger and Chocolate

Aside from burgers I also bought a meal and energy chocolates he requested too upon seeing them near the counter I am already thinking of going to other convenient store if I didn’t see them. For the last minute I run to the fridge shelf to take chocolate drink, I didn’t buy anything for myself aside from the chocolate drink because I am thinking that I can any of the burger if my husband doesn’t like them or there’s no chicken burger on three of them.

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Cat Being Bullied

My family owns few cats some of them are homeless cats that were adopted. Lebron was the tiny little cat that was given  to my sister by her professor’s family when they worked with their thesis at their house. He was very cute and chubby then, right now he looks pitiful because the chickens in our backyard loves picking him and he always ended up on pitiful situation.

Pitiful Cat

It seems the chickens loved picking Lebron eyes, I have already suggested to my mother that they should buy Eye-Mo or red eyes formula.

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Spicy and Sunflower Hot Fried Chicken from BHC

My husband decided not to eat anymore cheat food on Friday because we are gaining weight but last night we are both craving for fried chicken from BHC (Big Hit Chicken). So I went out to order 마늘 크리스피 치킨 and 양념치킨 – Crispy Garlic Chicken and Spicy Chicken but when I am already few steps at the chicken store I find out I forgot to bring my husband’s wallet. Instead of returning home I decided to continue as I have my wallet on me. I just thought if I return home it will take time and the store might be closed already as it is getting late.

Like the second time I ordered crispy garlic chicken is not available so I end up ordering spicy chicken and the sunflower hot fried chicken -해바라기 후라이드 치킨. I sat down while waiting for my order.

BHC Fried Chicken

I would say BHC chicken is  a way better than other fried chicken in terms of amount of chicken and taste. They are really mouth watering and  tasted good.

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Kyochon Chicken

After our short trip to downtown we decided to buy fried chicken at the nearby chicken joint, Kyochon. I went in and order after asking the guy in the counter what do they have (flavor), I order original.  I remain standing for few minutes because their only table is occupied, one of their guys is eating in front of 2 or three boxes of pizza, some of the chairs are around him and then another guy came in and sit in front of the pizza. Well nobody offered me a chair so when I felt tired standing I asked how long should I wait, 10 minutes, 15 or 20 minutes. The guy in the counter replied 10 minutes so I went out and tell them I am going to return after 10 minutes.

Kyochon Chicken Set

I went back to our apartment and after 15 minutes I returned to picked my order. It was already ready when I came in I was surprised seeing a  bottle of coke so I told the guy I didn’t order a coke but I think it is part of the set so I asked him if it is included in my order, which he replied yes by moving his head up and down.

When I arrived in our apartment my husband was surprised seeing a small box of chicken, he is expecting a larger box like those pizza box or chicken from Masday.

Kyochon Chicken

The chicken was good, it turns our their original flavors is garlic flavor with honey. The chicken is crispy and taste good but probably we are not going to order anymore because it is quite of expensive, as my husband says next time he will order KFC chicken or Masday Chicken instead of Kyochon chicken.

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Deep Fried Chicken

Eating fast food is the easiest way to feed our hungry stomach. As I am quite busy these past few days I am not able to update this blog everyday, well few days ago we are both hungry for Kentucky fried chicken but since we moved to Shinha which is 4km from the main town having KFC is not that good idea especially when you are little lazy to travel and walk around.

Instead we shopped at Lotte Super nearby and look around their instant food/meal on sale. They have different of fast food in one both like bbimbap, chicken, duck meat, dumplings, meat, barbecue and etc.,

We found this fried chicken very cheap compare buying from other shop and fast food stores. The number of chicken are enormous, the sales clerk asked us something but since we couldn’t understand we just shake our head up and down. We are instructed to wait for 5 minutes it turns out she deep fried them again, once they were handed back to me I know the chicken was burnt or have been over fried.

The chicken was already fried, it should be reheated only but I don’t know what happened in the kitchen.

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Pizza from GS25

We are already living in a new apartment since we moved last Saturday. Good to hear that there’s GS25 store nearby so when we are hungry in the middle of the night, it would still be easy for us to buy the food we want. Just tonight my husband asked me to buy pizza and ice cream.

When I return to our apartment my husband was disappointed when he saw what I bought. He said I buy too much and spend a lot of money.  So to pacify his anger I pay him the money I have in my pocket, in short I gave him my share.

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