Dealing with Leaving My Pets Behind

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It was yesterday, when my sister complained that it was hard for her to bath my dog. It turns out Jae Hwan doesn’t want to be bathed and today, she messages again that my dog isn’t eating. With this, I told her to call me in IMO when she came home from work late afternoon and let Jae Hwan see me, and let me see Whitey (my cat) too.

When, I was told that my dog doesn’t want to eat. I feel anxious because the first time I move out the house and went to Korea, all my cats died like they have missed me.  I have read somewhere that pets feel sad and depressed when they can’t see their human anymore, they grieved silently. I made sure when I left Odiongan a few days ago to informed Whitey that I will leave, but will be returning to them, while didn’t really tell Jae Hwan where am I going, I just told her to stay.

As told, my sister called early in the evening with Jae Hwan in tow. She moves a lot whenever I called out her name and keeps hiding in my sister’s back, don’t know what my dog is thinking.  Is she hated me or she just don’t want to see me because I didn’t tell her where am I going or if I am returning home. Meanwhile, Whitey, is more obedient, when you called her name she will keep looking at me with her two big eyes.

My guilt of leaving my pets behind is eating me up, my grandmother has two cats, but they are not the same pets I have at home, when I saw Jae Hwan and Whitey I have the thought of wanting to go home.

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