Deep Fried Chicken

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Eating fast food is the easiest way to feed our hungry stomach. As I am quite busy these past few days I am not able to update this blog everyday, well few days ago we are both hungry for Kentucky fried chicken but since we moved to Shinha which is 4km from the main town having KFC is not that good idea especially when you are little lazy to travel and walk around.

Instead we shopped at Lotte Super nearby and look around their instant food/meal on sale. They have different of fast food in one both like bbimbap, chicken, duck meat, dumplings, meat, barbecue and etc.,

We found this fried chicken very cheap compare buying from other shop and fast food stores. The number of chicken are enormous, the sales clerk asked us something but since we couldn’t understand we just shake our head up and down. We are instructed to wait for 5 minutes it turns out she deep fried them again, once they were handed back to me I know the chicken was burnt or have been over fried.

The chicken was already fried, it should be reheated only but I don’t know what happened in the kitchen.

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