Dobongsan: Climbing Alone to Jubong Peak

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Instead of hiking today we did it yesterday that’s why I am not around with my blogs as we left early, so today is rest day as it is holiday, Memorial Day. We I hike for 6 hours, just me because I reached the peak alone without Pookie Bear he left me in Seoul as we he feel bored and tired waiting for me.

Oh well, when the alarm clock rings, Pookie bear asked me if we are going to hike yesterday or not if I feel better and not sick anymore. I said to do the hike on Monday but when he says okay but we cannot look around Techno Mart it might be closed for holiday, it changed my mind. So went to Seoul by bus and take the subway to Dobongsan.

We’re already hiking for one hour and I keep complaining and requesting to return as I don’t feel well my heart is beating faster that feels me like suffocated maybe because I am feeling sick and keep on coughing plus I have no water bottle on me, I thought its like in Seoraksan which there are shelter to buy water but it is not. Just luckily the big bear has one bottle of water and I can drink a little to moisten my throat.

We are already hiking for three hours and we finally reach a point to decide whether to go up at Jaunbong Peak or return to Dobong Information Center, a mountain ranger approached Pookie bear and they had a short talk. He explained the sites to see at Dobongsan and how the name’s are derived and etc., then he also help us where to find water to drink, which is in Gwaneumam Hermitage that decides him that is done for the day even I want to reached Jaunbong Peak which is .09km  ahead top.

I reached the top 45 minutes after I depart from the resting point, its kind of thrill to hold in the bars while pushing yourself up, here’s a view what is looks like at the top.

As I would like to go to another peak nearby, thinking someone is waiting for me I slide down the peak holding with the metal bars with other hikers, I trek the same course I went up so I can still return to the place where I left Pookie bear, few of the hikers who saw us together asked me where’s my boyfriend, I just told them he didn’t climb and he was left over there I just don’t know if they understand because they keep asking me in Hangul, haha.

I’ll post the Part II next time!
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