Buying a New Scale

My husband and I bought a new scale when our old one stop working despite of having a new battery. Our new scale is solar power and we are hoping we can use this longer. What confuses me though when I weigh myself at home my weight is less than when I weigh myself in the gym. It has 1 kilogram difference so I don’t know which one is right, well I guess scales has different weighing system.

Anyway for your own information there are different scales according to its uses, there are food retail scales that can be used for food, fruits and in the kitchen, weight bathroom scales for fitness and infants, industrial scale for shipping, medical and laboratory scales and special scaled that are used for wrestling and weighing jewelries.

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Watching Great British Bake Off

If there’s one thing my husband and I in common that is  the love in watching baking show, we are the last one to know that there’s already fourth season of the Great British Bake off.  My husband immediately downloaded all the episodes of the said baking show and we have watched episode by episode.

Great British Bake Off

We are fans of the bake off challenge, we have watched the American and Australian bake off as well. Of course while watching my husband and I has one or two bakers we would like to win, when Frances won my husband believed she really has the talent and she is really a baker from within.

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A Box of BHC Chicken and Free Beach Mat

The other night we decided to have BHC Chicken, it was been a month already since the last time we had this chicken as we are eating 59 pizza for the last two weeks while we are on vacation for the first two weeks. The shop owner already know me so she directly went to the kitchen to cook the chicken while I wait in the table.

BHC Chicken

When I pay they gave me a beach mat, at first I thought it is a bag where I could use while shopping groceries but when I opened it at home it was a mat to be use at the beach this summer.

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Grilled Marinated Steak

We grilled steak last Friday after getting a good deal in the nearby supermarket.  When I am done grilling all the steak for my husband I marinated my steak on soy sauce, salt, sugar and little bit of water , I just add salt on the steak that I am already grilling so it has something to taste.

Grilled Steak

My husband laughed on what I did because the meat should be marinated longer before cooking it but mine is on the spot marination. It didn’t turn bad anyway,  I grilled mine longer too unlike my husband steak which is grilled medium rare.

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Busy Life and Unhealthy Eating

I finally moved out from level 65 in Candy Crush Saga but was stuck again in level 70. I don’t why I still keep playing this game when I know that instead of relaxation it is adding more stress to me.

Egg Slicer, Egg, Hard Boiled, Shell, Food, Protein

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Anyway as I am quite busy online I forgot to eat my dinner again, left no choice as my husband already ate the left over dumplings I boiled two eggs and eat with rice. My husband was disgusted when I pour oil and dashed of salt on my rice, he says I am going to get higher cholesterol level and possibly heat attack from my unhealthy eating.

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My First Glance of Spring this Year

I think spring is well love by every one, flowers and cherry blossoms are in every corner of the street. The photo below is my first glance of spring here in our place, it was taken near the Paris Baguette bakery when I bought some baked goods the other day. I would love to have my picture taken but that is impossible unless I climbed to the wall. Haha

Spring in Korea

The cherry blossoms nearby are not yet blooming, probably I have to wait few more days before I can have a picture with it. I have asked my husband few weeks ago if we can return to the city hall because there’s a lot of cherry blossoms in the walkway.

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Wearing my Husband Shoes Outside

While cooking my husband’s meal for the night I’ve remember that I didn’t throw the garbage in the pink pail yet. These are the garbage that rot like fruit and vegetables skin and peeling.  So I immediately grab the pink pail when I am done cooking, it was already full and I can’t add the egg shells anymore as I am a bit lazy to wear my own shoes I just told my husband in a loud voice that I am going to wear his shoes, I didn’t wait for his reply anymore I hurriedly went out from our door.

When I am already outside I heard him saying not to wear his shoes but I didn’t return anymore. When I wore his shoes I didn’t tie the lace so I stop for a second and keep the lace inside the shoes, thinking my husband might be angry if I let the lace  touch the ground. When I returned home my husband is standing and waiting for me on his angry look, he then told me not to do it again. I just laugh because he probably thought when I left I wore his school shoes but I wore his sneakers. LOL

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Night Walking Without a Winter Jacket

I have decided to wash my winter jacket the other day because it was been a long time since I washed it and  it is quite dirty already since I took it with me when we travel outside Korea.

When my husband and I will have a short walk he left me at home and told me to follow because I am busy tinkering something in front of my laptop so when I am done with it I immediately run to our closet to look for my jacket, yeah right I forgot that I just washed it that day. Thinking my husband will be angry if I didn’t follow him I just wore my normal sweater and long pants and run so I can tag along with him beyond the cold weather. As I know it is impossible to catch him I took a short cut and I am able to see him after a long run, the coldness I felt was gone.

My husband laugh at me when he saw me as I am panting very hard, and even tell me why I follow when I have no winter jacket to wear. Well if I just knew he won’t be angry probably I will stay at home. And I think winter jacket is not need anymore as I didn’t feel cold after running like crazy.

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Careless with my Camera

I am being careless these past few days I took my newly charged camera the other night to the gym to take some photos.  Today when I went out to pay our utility bills I carry it with me and hile walking around I have thought of snapping some photos and in my surprised my camera doesn’t power on, it was low battery.


Maybe I forgot again to turn the camera off the last time I have used it because that what also happened a few days ago, when I opened my camera bag I have found out that the camera was already on. My husband just shake his head while telling me that’s how things go bad. Argh, I was not able to take some shots outside today!

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Hwatong Chicken and Baguette

We had a little feast last night my husband was craving for chicken so he asked me to buy fried chicken for us, I don’t want to follow at first because we are on a diet but with my husband bothering me and me craving for food I went out, instead of going to Popeyes I went to the new chicken restaurant we saw in the tarpaulin outside Lotte Super and order for take out.

Hwatong Chicken

When I went home my husband asked me where’s the baguette he asked me to buy, honestly I forgot it so I have to return outside. I went to Paris Baguette to buy the bread and other baked goods. Oh well, when we are full “The  diet starts tomorrow” so today is the new start of our juice fasting after cheating for one week eating gimbap, soup and even ice cream. Lol!

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