Dream of Being Chased, Accidentally Dropped my Toothbrush in the Toilet

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Last night I have dreamed of two guys are chasing me in the forest then I found a house in the wilderness, I knocked and someone opened the door, I saw three  or  four young kids and a young girl whom I think pregnant. She is not the mother of the kids it feels like she’s a nanny, she is busy cleaning and cooking. When I enter their humble abode, everything is a mess. Kids are playing around, cat poop’s are everywhere together with sand and dirt. I have no choice but to smell all of it because it is a matter of life and death. The two guys finally reached the house where am I, I immediately run to a room or in a closet and all I know they took all of the kids and the pregnant woman. Then while I am hiding, there’s a sophisticated woman with me, she is sexy and fabulous looking, it sounds like she knows the guy chasing me and she is also hiding from them. Then I don’t know what happened next, everything became unclear all I know the kids and the girl was able to returned home but she was raped I guess, and I think I wake up already by movements, Pookie bear is busy preparing his meal.

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I thought if you dream a poop its money, like when I dreamed of tiny little poops of chicken, I got surprised when I received payment that day in ask2link but is quite different today.Just this evening Pookie bear and I are scheduled to go to the gym so as usual I need to brush my teeth before going out. So I pee first and flush the toilet when I opened the medicine cabinet or simply cabinet just in top of it, splasssh! My toothbrush dance with the water and gone, its a new one just opened it yesterday. So I opened another tooth brush then a realization came, what if the tooth brush plugged the toilet? Still we went to the gym and I am not on the mood to squats and leg extension anymore, I just did leg press and I keep asking Pookie bear if I can go home right at that moment, but he wont allow me so I need to wait until its done. What disturbs me is he keep teasing me, and laughing while  I am down, as in very down. Telling me that I need to talk to the land lord because he is not going to help me and etc., I became dramatic and says I will choose to go home and I am in suicidal mode right now.

At home before I took a shower he asked me if I can search online about the case, then I have read online we need a toilet auger or metal craw hanger to get the toothbrush. So to make sure that the toilet is plugged  I throw a lot of tissue paper and flushed it, the result it is indeed plugged because of the toothbrush. So I went out to buy claw hanger or toilet auger if I can’t find the first one. I ended buying a claw hanger and we try to find the tooth brush using it but we can’t. I have try to asked one of the sales lady if she know where to get toilet auger and she is very helpful to show me the way but the fact that I cannot understand their language it is useless, I just laughed and say okay or I don’t remember if what else I have said on my gibberish  way, so I just went to the counter to pay my hangers, guess what I just went it there without looking if there’s a line, so the cashier told me something, maybe “Please fall inline” or I don’t know maybe no please, so shameful to be absent minded. Haist., He emailed his co-teacher to tell her what happened and the she will be the one to talk with the landlord or translate it for us. Well the result will be until tomorrow when Pookie bear went to school,we are going to know if  the plumber will come.

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So I think that’s what my dream last night means I have to keep away from the toilet because I am going to be in shit with it., if you are going to ask who’s the two guy chasing me… Pookie bear’s answer..the landlord and the plumber. Lol! Well maybe the sophisticated lady who talk to me help me hide is the sales lady, the kids are the young guys and girl paying their stuff  in the counter, and don’t tell me the pregnant woman is the chubby cashier? Well it could be because in my dream I hide on their house and I found the claw hanger in their store.Like my dream it is unclear or the case was not resolved, the toilet too is waiting to be fixed. Hopefully I am not going to use it tonight or tomorrow morning or else the garbage collector will be surprised to see something nice in the garbage bags. Lol!

Right now, I am not in the mood to do anything. I am totally disturb especially if someone keep telling my fault and not learning my lesson to close the lid before opening the cabinet and etc., I told Pookie bear I am so sad and I cannot blog hop tonight or do my online task, he is like little tiny cat who rubs his head on my shoulder and give me a hug of consolation while telling tomorrow it will be fine, hmmppp, too late I am already hurt.

Yeah I keep banging things a while ago when I am going to the shop and even tell him that I can a kill a cow right now, his replied  sounds like this”Okay sweetie, kill a cow outside so we are going to have a lot of cow meat, more food

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5 Responses to “Dream of Being Chased, Accidentally Dropped my Toothbrush in the Toilet”

  1. Chuchie | Chie Wilks says:

    ohhh so sorry about your toilet sis..hopefully, it will be fixed very soon or else..hehhee un nga "the garbage collector will see something nice" hahahha..

    ang galing ng interpretation mo sa dream mo sis

  2. anne says:

    Hehehe kataw anan man ni imong hubby girl oi, don't worry the plumber will fixed it. Visiting you here

  3. Vernz says:

    ahahahahahah.. sorry tumawa pa ako sa predicament mu…lol.. tawa ako sa killing of the cow.. butit sa korea ka kung sa india kapa lagut na..lol…

    oo naman buti hintay for the plumber.. meantime.. babad kanalang sa sauna…

  4. Adminc says:

    @Anne katawa na kainis
    @Vernz No problem Ate Vernz, juice ko ako magbabayad sa plumber Ate Vernz kaya wala nang pangsauna..its my fault daw eh..huhuhu

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