Kimchi A Lot of Work

It is been few months already since we bought Kimchi from the supermarket but since last week we started to buy and eat Kimchi again.  So in short my cooking escapades in our kitchen rolled again, you know frying eggs with kimchi or fried rice and etc.

Just tonight I just finished cutting the kimchi into pieces which is required hard work (lol) what I mean lot of work, need to clean the kitchen for the splattered Kimchi juice, wash the dishes and the Kimchi bag before throwing it in the garbage. If I am not going to wash it the whole apartment will stinks like Kimchi.

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Our Apartment Stinks Like Kimchi

Today is just another busy day, I wake up at noon time. After earning points on my adgitize account I have to start cooking, yeah right stressing.

Anyway our apartment stench again that I need to close the bathroom door, it seems the people in the second/third floor is making kimchi because it stinks like one. We are on the ground floor so I guess when they washed their dish and the water went to the drain the gas went up. Yesterday it also stinks like garlic and kimchi, then later afternoon I found out that there are people having barbecue party in the garage so probably they prepared kimchi for their barbecue party and washes the dishes today.

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Stressful Life Online and Food Wasting

I have been busy lately that I have no more time to open my blog and post, my scheduled post ends the other day on my other blog so I am force to log-in today and blog about something, on what is happening around me. Oh well aside from being busy nothing more, my computer gives me problem keeps hanging out maybe because I am already low in memory, got a lot of pics of everything eh.

As the title says when to say time-out, I declare holiday for myself but dunno if I can follow it. Before I slept today, my eyes is all red as if I have sore eyes, it looks they are over used in front of the computer, so I have no choice but to rest and now I am awake very early in the morning even it is already lunch time, it is still early for me. Haha,

Pookie bear is little angry with me these past few days because I keep leaving food behind until there expiration date, that means more and more food are not allowed here in our apartment, I wonder what would I eat in the next few days if it keeps on happening, I have a packed of buns where which is still more than half and I have to eat it all before it expired which will be tomorrow or else no more buns like no more bread for sandwich. Huhuhu, wish me luck I might choke eating them.

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Bathroom Tiles Improvement in the Apartment

I am so busy yesterday cleaning here in our apartment and doing some laundry. After cleaning we also undo the bathroom sink because it was plugged the water is slowly going down. We’re like a professional plumber eh, after finishing it there’s a lot of mess in the bathroom floor, molds are everywhere just so lucky the  Tile floor installation is smooth it is not bumpy like in our old apartment.

I also like our bathroom tiles and wall because it is all white so you know if the bathroom  is dirty or not, our old apartment tiles is not this good, it looks like made out of bricks what I mean the color resembles like the color of bricks so it is hard to tell if it is fully clean or not plus it leaves marks on my bathroom slipper so  when I brought my bathroom slipper here the brownish color was transferred to the white floor just so lucky that bleach helps me to remove it.

After cleaning our apartment and unplugging the sink I have to go to the store to buy olive oil for our supply then after it I washed our bed cover and clothes, it won’t fit into the washer so I need to do two loads. That makes me busy yesterday.

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Made to Measure Pleated Blinds for the Apartment Window

I have nothing to complain here in our new apartment aside from our window doesn’t have any curtains at all. So it’s bright here in the morning and in the evening because the garage is just beside us. The window too is facing our bed so I don’t know if people can see us here from outside, the glass window has an art style and thick too. So I guess they can’t see us inside on what we are doing except if they really intended to peep.

My husband and I is planning to buy a curtain but the problem is we don’t know how to wear it in our window without making a big fuss on it plus to tie it every morning, so as we looking for a perfect curtain online we have found that there is  made to measure pleated blinds that make us change our minds. Blinds are easy to manage than heavy curtains you can just pull the string if you want to fold it and for sure you cannot make blinds as wiping cloth for hands like what is it usually done in  curtains when someone is lazy to look for a dry cloth.  The good thing pleated blinds has also a selection of colors and  I can’t wait to have one maybe creamy white will be just right.

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Lazy Weekend in the Apartment

I am not around with these blog yesterday, I just don’t feel like blogging anything my lazy mind strikes again. Oh well we sleep five o’clock in the morning today and I wake up at two o’clock in the afternoon, I did not sleep well though I keep waking up and coughing there’s one time too I wake up with my noises, yes dreaming again I cannot remember what is it all about.  While typing this I have not eaten my breakfast yet maybe later, it is holiday on Monday here so if the weather is good we are going to hike again.

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I hope I am going to feel better on Monday because I feel so week yesterday and he even feel angry many times to me for not paying attention spotting him in the gym. Darn it is too hot inside the gym I thought I am going to have a heat stroke, I wonder why they did not run the aircon and just the two big fan maybe saving electricity. Oh well there’s more foreigners in the gym not like before just the two us, there’s around 6 excluding us but I seldom see them now lately. We have no plans for today just be busy in front of the computer again, surfing, blogging, hopping and watching movie.

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Dream of Being a Tribal Woman, Apartment Problem

I wake up by my sudden movement in short my dream wake me up today. As if it is real that there’s snake crawling under the bed cover if  I dreamed about aliens the other day,  today I dreamed I am a tribe member, wearing clothes like the old way with charcoal in the face and with a long hair.  Haist, I have small vivid dreams before dreaming being  a tribe member.


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By the way I have blog the other day how it smells here in our apartment after using the sample of air freshener from Febreze I don’t know but it seems so rude that when our apartment smells good,the drain smelled especially when the occupants in the upper floor flushed or washed something down, every time the water goes down as we are in the first floor it stinks like drainage canal, so we have no choice but to close the bathroom door, I don’t know if taking the black thing in the sink pipe resulted this stench.  We took it the other day so the hair and moss in the pipe will not be stuck but it looks like it is not a good idea, so we might return  it  again and be like a plumber again without tools. Anywya, I have changed my blog theme last night I just feel bored with my old theme which is just a week old maybe, lol.

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The Apartment Stench and Febreze Air Freshener

Had a busy day today, I wake up around two o’clock in the afternoon, read bit of news online, clean around our small apartment and cook my food.  Pookie bear and I also fixed our bathroom sink as the water is moving slowly so we are like plumbers unplugging a plugged sink, so the end result I need to clean the bathroom, that’s why the whole apartment is smelling bleach right now.

Nothing else happened this weekend aside from I can’t wait anymore for a perfect time to wash the thick blanket, so I washed it today so for sure I have no blanket to use tonight, well I thought my task for the day is finished well it looks like not yet.  I just finished cleaning the kitchen specifically below the kitchen sink, its kinda moldy and it is hard to clean as there’s only small space, haist!  Into my observation this apartment was built in a wrong way, much better if the kitchen is in the place where the balcony is so when you are cooking the smell is directly going out and not wandering inside the apartment before it popped out.


Just thankful that we have this sample from Febreze (Hawaiian Aloha™) where you don’t need to plug it or use batteries and it will eliminate odor and freshen up. All you need to do is insert the cartridge and it will activate upon insertion then pull up the bottom for full freshness experience or just remain it close for small spaces.

So right now our apartment especially our kitchen smells like scented perfume, with the bright, tropical scent of Hawaii’s beautiful and fragrant hibiscus blooms, such an exotic smell eh. Love it!

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Dream of UFO, Address Change in Korea

A loud thunder storm wake me up this morning then I went back to sleep with dream about UFO’s, where I saw a UFO in the sky (looks like a flying saucer)  and I am trying to take photo of it but it keeps moving right and left so I was not able to get a good shot then when the UFO moved away I followed it and I have seen it carrying a carabao then a realization came to me why I didn’t take a video of it instead, when I check my camera all I found is a one blurred shot. After it I’ve seen a lot of soldiers in my dream in alert together with their trucks, helicopters and other military vehicles. It’s dark too,  it feels like there’s no electricity and with my two eyes I’ve seen one helicopter crashed with a burning tail. I don’t know what is my dream all about but it is weird and the sound of thunderstorm this morning is also weird and so loud.

BTW, we received a mail yesterday about the changes of address here in Korea, the government will implement it on July but we can still used our old address until December, then next year we have to use our new address.  The Korean government change their address system, actually I didn’t understand the mail but that’s what Pookie bear’s co teacher had told him.  Anyway you can check their website about the address change and the timeline

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Icheon Elementary School in 100th Year Anniversary

As usual we sleep very late again but I wake up early today because I am waiting for my sister to get online  as she is going to print her narrative report. Anyway as I have nothing to do I started dropping EC and adgitizing, it’s been a while since I visited back the bloggers who dropped by to my blog as I am kind of busy. I fell asleep after I finished adgitizing, I really cannot stay awake anymore, but I can’t sleep well because it is kind of noisy.

The nearby school, where Pookie bear is teaching is celebrating their 100th year Anniversary this week and it sounds like they’re going to have a big celebration because the program/celebration started this Sunday, music, cheers, singing and etc., can be hear. The school too is properly decorated,  I wish to see what they are doing but I am too darn shameful to go there, so I’ll just be contented listening to the voice I can’t understand. Haha, I didn’t do anything much today as I am tired lazy to cook, I just ate instant noodles which is the other half is still waiting in the kitchen as it tasted so spicy for me. As of now, I still feel sleepy I might take a nap again later. Teheee!

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