Earning Money from Home

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When I first arrived in Korea it was mixed emotions. I am happy because finally my husband and I are reunited to each other, sad because I am far away from my family.  Depressed because I have no job and I am not going to have one because working is not included on my visa type,  having no job I can’t send money to my family. Way back then while applying job in Jobstreet I always see work at home  job advertisement so what I did I search for jobs that I could do at home.

It was not easy as 1,2, 3 I found several advertisement but still I have to attend personal interview which I think very impossible for me to do. I did extensive research and I ended up earning cents from doing paid to click sites, I joined a lot of them hoping to earn more. I also do blogging upon finding that I could earn money on blogging, I started on free platform like blogger and after a year I am able to buy my own domain and even transfer to self-hosted wordpress.

HP Laptop

With the help of blogging I am able to send money monthly to my family probably not that big but still it is a blessing. With the help of my earnings from blogging I have bought my own laptop and digital camera and other small stuff without asking money from my husband.

I am sharing this blog not to imply something but to inspire other Filipina like me in Korea that it is possible to earn money from home, I always read in one forum that their husband doesn’t allow them to work outside and they are in wit ends because they can’t help their family in the Philippines.  Try blogging and try earning money from home.

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