Eating Family Dinner at Jollibee Odiongan

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For so many years, J and I have eaten to fast food restaurants especially when travelling.  We are so tired eating burgers and fried chicken, that we always look for Subway Cafe in every city we went too, we prefer their sandwich than eating burgers.  So, I have never eaten burger for so long when I came home, it was only when I got tired of eating local food.

Anyway, nothing special to dine out, a relative came home from abroad but my grandmother looks like a bankrupt Chinese all looking sad with matching teary eyes, so I guess she didn’t received any present and now she is seeking for attention because she only hang-out outside the compound looking blankly at people with her very sad face when she needs it.

With this, I decided to bring her to Jollibee Odiongan she was never been there since it was built and opened, so imagine how wide the smile on her face when she was told we are eating dinner at Jollibee. It was around seven in the evening when my family and grandmother went to Jollibee, and it was a bit busy and there was no vacant table to accommodate five people so I have asked if it is possible to eat upstairs but I was told just to use downstairs to my initial disappointment because the table that was given was a small round table for four people and the fifth chair will be positioned along the way blocking other people.  It wasn’t the first time Jollibee Odiongan made me feel bad, when we first dine in I was given a meal in a box when every body else was eating on their plate, dunno what is this fast food against me (lol). Honestly, I was asked that time if possible they could just served me a meal in the box because it was already available, I was surprised and because I don’t want to create a scene for being picky and stalling the line up, I just said ok but deep inside I felt bad (lol).

Since, they disappointment me for the second time I dine in, I just mentioned what to order and let my sister order it for us.  Gladly, a more spacious table was vacated so we moved.  We ordered five of their chicken joy super meals and pineapple juice as drink since cola isn’t allowed for my mother, five halo-halo Sundaes and extra order of Jolly spaghetti for me.

My grandmother was very happy being able to see and eat at Jollibee Odiongan, her smile is priceless. While eating I realized I am acting out and being childish, I am eating in a fast food restaurant and not in a fine dining so I should not expect a better table and maybe they have already clean and sanitized the second floor so it wasn’t allowed to use, but it is a way too early to clean isn’t it? Oh, well maybe they’re saving operational cost. I let my disappointment go and just enjoy the quality time with my family.  I was given a survey card and I didn’t vent out my disappointment in it, I shaded all positive reviews.

Since eyes is bigger than the stomach my sister and I ordered another set of a meal consisting rice and chicken with free cola which we just brought home after failing to consume it and realizing maybe we are not fair I have also ordered extra burger for my family which they also brought home since they’re all full.

Barangay Liwayway, Odiongan, Romblon

Disclosure: This is NOT a sponsored post. Above written post was my own personal experience and might be different from yours.

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