JL Fryday: Pigging Out with Pasta and Burger

We are dismissed early yesterday from class and since my friend and I were both starving, we decided to go inside the fast food chain Jollibee and while in there my friend (W) suggested why not try our friend (M) newly opened restaurant for a change, so we  went out and take a tribike to JL Fryday.

JL Fryday

It is a new branch of JL Fryday which had opened a week ago and from typical fries and drinks they tried offering pasta, burger and rice meals for affordable price.  They have three different flavors of pasta, so I have asked our owner friend (M) what is the difference between Chicken Alfredo and Ala Pobre, she said that Chicken Alfredo is in white sauce and Ala Pobre is more of just oil pasta, I have concluded it might be Aglio e Olio pasta so I have ordered it and with other food in their menu chart

Pasta ala Pobre

Pasta Ala Pobre for ₱100


Spaghetti for ₱100

Onion Fries

Onion Fries 200g ₱40

The food was served within 20 minutes, I have ordered their biggest bucket of fries at 200g, Pasta ala Pobre, Pasta Chicken Alfredo for take-out, JL’s Burger and a glass for their fresh mango graham smoocheese (smoothies), while my friend (W) ordered their spaghetti, sloppy Jan’s burger and a glass of dewberry.

JL's Burger, Meat Burger

JL’s Burger for ₱55

Sloppy Jan's Burger, Burger

Sloppy Jan’s Burger for ₱55

The Pasta ala Pobre is an oil pasta cooked in a spicy mackerel, the pasta came in bigger servings compare to the pasta at D’ Line Kitchen where it is not even enough for one person, eating the fries in onion flavor and the pasta made me full and I have thought I can’t eat the burger anymore after drinking a glass of mango graham but the appetizing look of the burger with cucumber, tomatoes and cheese and it’s juicy nature made me to eat more.  I have to order a bottle of coke because it made me so thirsty and crave for a cola, I have even joked our owner friend (M) if they don’t serve free water in their restaurant, they do, but it turns out the water container were empty because it was past lunch when we arrived at JL Fryday, it was siesta time actually.

Smoothies, Fresh Mango Graham Smoothies

Fresh Mango Graham for ₱49

Smoothies, Dewberry Smoothies

Dewberry for ₱29

I wanted to try their Pasta Chicken Alfredo so I ordered a take-out, but then I have decided to order Pasta Ala Pobre and spaghetti as well to bring home. My friend (W) wasn’t able to finish her spaghetti so she had it take out and ordered chicken fun shots for her son which is left at home in the care of her mother.

takeout, spaghetti

Well, aside from burgers and pasta JL Fryday also served rice meals for the affordable price of ₱69. If you wanted to try something new in an affordable price visit them below.

JL Fryday

Brgy. Dapawan, Odiongan, Romblon
OPENING HOURS: 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM

Disclosure: This is NOT a sponsored post. Above written post was my OWN personal experience and might be different from yours.

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Eating Late Lunch at Ashley Bakeshop and Restaurant

My postal ID was already expired for two months and I just renewed it today, my mother and BIL went to town so I went with them and since we are starving for running a few errands in town we’ve decided to eat at Ashley Bakeshop and Restaurant near the new market.

We are frequent at the bakeshop buying breads, pastries, pizzas and even ordering takeouts sometimes, we have already dined in before but I was too procrastinated to blog about it.  Before, I texted my sister that we are at Ashley I have already ordered something for her, it is her birthday today. She is at work but she is able to go out for a few minutes as long as she asked for permission.

Ordering take only 15 minutes and as usual I have ordered AM7 for us, this meal consists of rice and fried chicken, pancit canton and ice tea for drinks,  but my mother wanted something new so she ordered halo-halo and pizza for herself.

If you are hungry  and wanted to eat a full meal for inexpensive price Ashley Bakeshop and Restaurant is one of your best alternative in town, their menu is inexpensive and comes in big servings.

Cocoville, Dapawan, Odiongan, Romblon
Facebook page – https://web.facebook.com/Ashley-Bakeshop-Restaurant-471794836292244/
Mobile No. – 0948 748 0724

Disclosure: This is NOT a sponsored post. Above written post was my own personal opinion and experience and might be different from yours.

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Riverside Place: The Newest Asian Fusion Restaurant in Odiongan

Visiting the bamboo farm in San Andres under the scorching heat was a bit tiring so instead of going directly to the municipality of Calatrava for the next adventure, we return to Odiongan and decided to have an early dinner at Riverside Place near the office of DOST.

Riverside place is the newest Asian Fusion Restaurant in Odiongan after Orient’s Cuisine, which is popular of their bento and sushi’s. We are handed the menu and we decided to order set of sushi’s but unfortunately no available sushi’s at the moment because they are just about to steam rice, so we I asked the server what is the best meal in their menu, and she pointed out the bento for ₱99 per box and that’s what we ordered and we waited 20 minutes for it to be served along side a pitcher of iced lemon tea.

The table wasn’t so spacious for the big bento lunch box, it was hard for five of us to eat properly. Nevertheless, the place is cozy and relaxing.

Riverside Place is open from breakfast to dinner and they do deliveries, take reservations and takeouts.  If you are hungry and wanted to try something different for a cheaper price pay them a visit at the address below. Their soup is a classic.

130 J.P. Laurel St., Odiongan, Romblon, Philippines 5505
Facebook page – https://web.facebook.com/riversideplaceodiongan/
Mobile No. – 0998 391 5979

Disclosure: This is NOT a sponsored post. Above written post was my own personal opinion and experience and might be different from yours.

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Ghetto Plates: The Sizzling Zone in Odiongan

My sister came home late from work and buying food to cook for dinner in the market is somehow not possible anymore so we decided to eat a sizzling dinner at Ghetto Plates again, since have enjoyed our first dine in experience.

There are more students eating dinner than we first came in, it seems the place is popular among students who stays in boarding houses in Odiongan. We seated on the same place and order the same food, the three of us chooses their mixed sisig (pork and chicken) for ₱50 each and we also ordered grilled chicken ₱110 and three more extra fried rice and their delicious ice cream in cup.

I have enjoyed our meal as well as their complimentary soup, I love how the ginger and black pepper taste together so when my mother didn’t touch her soup I asked for it and drink it all which I think a wrong moved because I woke up in the middle of the night with chills, shivering in cold but sweating which means I have a lot of toxins in my body, maybe the complimentary soup has a lot of MSG in it.

Gen. Luna St., Odiongan, Romblon
Cafe · Steakhouse
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ghettoplates/
Contact: 567-6169 or 0918 520 2384
Hours 9:00AM – 9:00PM

Disclosure: This is NOT a sponsored post. Above written post was my own personal experience and might be different from yours.

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Sizzling Dinner at Ghetto Plates

There are times that we don’t feel like cooking at home especially when life become so busy or there are no fishes in the wet market. So when we take long in the market getting some order/items for my store we decided to eat dinner at Ghetto Plates.

Honestly, a few months ago we have planned to eat dinner at Ghetto Plates but then we decided to eat at Deli Hunter instead upon seeing that the restaurant is always busy. Anyway, Ghetto Plates is well known for their sizzling sisigs and delicious pizza, it was our first time to dine in and experience the vibe of the sizzling zone. We have avoided Ghetto plates thinking their food and pizza is expensive.

Previously, they have resto-bar at Torrel-Dapawan  but it closes and they moved to Tabing-Dagat (resto-bar) where a friend of mine had an awful experience but then it was gone just like the previous one and they remained in the old town wet market.

Contrary to what we believed, food at Ghetto plates were actually cheap.  Their food only cost a bit from student meal “kumo”. My sister and I ordered Chicken and Pork Sisig for ourselves while my mother chooses the chicken sisig that cost ₱50 each with complimentary sizzling soup.

We ordered a family size vegetable and meat pizza for take-out, spring roll ₱100 for 8 pieces and mixed sisig ₱90 for take-out as well and we had their savory ice cream for ₱20 each.

Well, if you are a student who’s already tired of eating a common student meal or someone who visited the town of Odiongan and looking for a sizzling meal  in a very affordable price, think no more and hop in to Ghetto Plates, they do deliveries too. You can find them at:

Gen. Luna St., Odiongan, Romblon
Cafe · Steakhouse
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ghettoplates/
Contact: 567-6169 or 0918 520 2384
Hours 9:00AM – 9:00PM

Disclosure: This is NOT a sponsored post. Above written post was my own personal experience and might be different from yours.

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Eating Family Dinner at Jollibee Odiongan

For so many years, J and I have eaten to fast food restaurants especially when travelling.  We are so tired eating burgers and fried chicken, that we always look for Subway Cafe in every city we went too, we prefer their sandwich than eating burgers.  So, I have never eaten burger for so long when I came home, it was only when I got tired of eating local food.

Anyway, nothing special to dine out, a relative came home from abroad but my grandmother looks like a bankrupt Chinese all looking sad with matching teary eyes, so I guess she didn’t received any present and now she is seeking for attention because she only hang-out outside the compound looking blankly at people with her very sad face when she needs it.

With this, I decided to bring her to Jollibee Odiongan she was never been there since it was built and opened, so imagine how wide the smile on her face when she was told we are eating dinner at Jollibee. It was around seven in the evening when my family and grandmother went to Jollibee, and it was a bit busy and there was no vacant table to accommodate five people so I have asked if it is possible to eat upstairs but I was told just to use downstairs to my initial disappointment because the table that was given was a small round table for four people and the fifth chair will be positioned along the way blocking other people.  It wasn’t the first time Jollibee Odiongan made me feel bad, when we first dine in I was given a meal in a box when every body else was eating on their plate, dunno what is this fast food against me (lol). Honestly, I was asked that time if possible they could just served me a meal in the box because it was already available, I was surprised and because I don’t want to create a scene for being picky and stalling the line up, I just said ok but deep inside I felt bad (lol).

Since, they disappointment me for the second time I dine in, I just mentioned what to order and let my sister order it for us.  Gladly, a more spacious table was vacated so we moved.  We ordered five of their chicken joy super meals and pineapple juice as drink since cola isn’t allowed for my mother, five halo-halo Sundaes and extra order of Jolly spaghetti for me.

My grandmother was very happy being able to see and eat at Jollibee Odiongan, her smile is priceless. While eating I realized I am acting out and being childish, I am eating in a fast food restaurant and not in a fine dining so I should not expect a better table and maybe they have already clean and sanitized the second floor so it wasn’t allowed to use, but it is a way too early to clean isn’t it? Oh, well maybe they’re saving operational cost. I let my disappointment go and just enjoy the quality time with my family.  I was given a survey card and I didn’t vent out my disappointment in it, I shaded all positive reviews.

Since eyes is bigger than the stomach my sister and I ordered another set of a meal consisting rice and chicken with free cola which we just brought home after failing to consume it and realizing maybe we are not fair I have also ordered extra burger for my family which they also brought home since they’re all full.

Barangay Liwayway, Odiongan, Romblon
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JollibeeODIONGANbranch/

Disclosure: This is NOT a sponsored post. Above written post was my own personal experience and might be different from yours.

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Deli Hunter: A Must Try Fast Food Restaurant in Odiongan

The introverted me went out during the day to meet some old friends and since I felt guilty of eating out with my friends I invited my family to dine out last night, we have eaten already to few noted restaurants in Odiongan and we would like to try something new, a place we have not visited yet.

We end up at Deli Hunter a fast food restaurant in town which has opened on 2012.  We ordered and pay in the counter and waited for our food to be served, I ordered their blowout meals which consist 6 pieces fried chicken, 4 cups of rice, 2 mashed potatoes with gravy and 4 drinks for ₱555,  lumpiang shanghai ₱90, extra fried rice and Mie Goreng ₱90 to try.

The food was served in twenty minutes, the food was okay but oily especially the Mie Goreng (Indonesian Fried Noodles), yes it is a fried noodles but it is way too oily and looks over cooked since it is mushy. I have forgot to take photo of the Lumpiang Shanghai and I only remember about it when it was already half-eaten.

We ordered their milk tea to go ₱60 for the small ones and ₱80 for the large glass. Well, if you are getting tired of eating at Jollibee you can visit Deli Hunter they have more food in their menu aside from fried chickens for affordable price, they have menu for breakfast, choices of sandwiches, rice and noodles combo meals. Their restaurant is spacious and you can let your kids play and have some entertainment while waiting for your orders and if you prefer to eat in the comfort of your home they do delivery just dial the number below.

Deli Hunter
Brgy. Ligaya, Odiongan, Romblon
Restaurant · Cafeteria · Cafe
Hours Open: 7:00AM – 10:00PM
Contact: 567-6293

Disclosure: This is NOT a sponsored post. Above written post was my own personal experience and might be different from yours.

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Father’s Day and Birthday Dinner at Orient’s Cuisine

Growing up we doesn’t really celebrate birthdays and holidays because it was a luxury we can’t afford. Well, to celebrate my father and sister’s birthday we decided to have a dinner at Orient’s Cuisine, it was perfect because it was also Father’s Day so it was triple celebration in one shot.

The restaurant wasn’t that spacious, when we arrived the only vacant table was the table in the corner facing the wall,  we are told they have also table upstairs, we choose to eat downstairs after one larger table was vacated by the other diners who already finishes their meal.

The owner was very friendly and accommodating, when the food we would like to order isn’t available she will suggest food that she thinks we are going to love and enjoy. While waiting for our order, we did numerous selfies to entertain ourselves. My father was given a pen with father’s day card/note as well as a complimentary mango pudding that were just eaten by us, instead of him.

We ordered their chow fan meals, pork tonkatsu for us and breaded fish for my mother, I have also ordered their birthday noodles which is just perfect for the occasion we are celebrating, a bowl of soup, two sets of pork siomai, buttered chicken and a shake which I have only remember to take a photo when it is already half-empty. Their chow fan meals has unlimited chow fan rice in celebration of father’s day.

Our orders were served after 40 minutes, we are informed instantly how long our food to be cooked unlike in few restaurant we have eaten at already, they will let us wait until our eyeballs turned white in hunger (lol).

The food at Orient’s Cuisine is undoubtedly fresh, tasty at a cheaper price, we have ordered and eaten a lot but we only have to pay less amount that we are able to order fish cracker as take-out and bring home the food that we couldn’t finished since our tummy were full already.

If you are looking for an Asian Fusion Restaurant, Orient’s Cuisine is what you need. You don’t need to burn your pockets just to eat Filipino, Singaporean, Japanese and Vietnamese style dishes.  The restaurant was just beside Never Naked Laundry Shop across the old internet shop “Blue Dimension”.

Orient’s Cuisine
Brgy. Liwanag, Odiongan, Romblon
Phone: 0915 225 6877

Disclosure: This is NOT a sponsored post. Above written post was my own personal experience and might be different from yours.

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Mother’s Day Dinner at Mac’s Chicken & Barbecue Haus

To celebrate mother’s day we decided to dine out and with my mother’s idea we ate dinner at  Mac’s Chicken & Barbecue Haus.  Well, their food catches my mother’s taste buds and she found their menu inexpensive. She couldn’t get used to their chicken barbecue as well as sour soup (we’ve been ordering take-out on their sour soup menu).  I have already disagree on her restaurant choice but since she’s paying and not me I didn’t win where to eat.

Unlike with our prior experience someone entertained us right away and because we knew the drill we seated in the four person table even though the whole place was empty (we are only four at this time my grandma wasn’t with us).  We had our order, we didn’t order much because it was not day time, my mother and I chooses their chicken barbecue again while my sister and our father chooses their pork barbecue.

Believed it or not, a server came to our table while we are waiting  for our order. She instructed us to move to another table, this time to a spacious one. Guess, in which table? Yes, it was on the table we are asked to vacate last time. It wasn’t a mere coincidence isn’t it?

This time, our orders was served to us in twenty minutes, my mother and I enjoyed our chicken but there is someone complaining that the meat he ordered is a bit hard to chew but as expected we ordered extra rice making us all full and contrary to last time I left tip on their tip jar,  %% of what we have eaten.

Mac’s Chicken & Barbecue Haus
Barangay Liwayway, Odiongan, Romblon
Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/MACSHaus
Mobile No. – 0920 925 7284

Disclosure: This is NOT a sponsored post. Above written post was my own personal experience and might be different from yours.

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Odiongan Town Fiesta: Eating Lunch at Mac’s Chicken & Barbecue Haus

The town parade for Kanidugan Festival is one of the must see during Odiongan Town Fiesta and as expected many Odionganons flocked to town to see it. When we arrived in town there were already many people waiting for the parade and the main road wasn’t passable anymore. The parade have already started so we decided to see it where we are rather than finding a new spot.

Anyway, instead of watching the ground demonstration we have decided to eat lunch first because our grandma who is with us to watch the festival was already feeling dizzy, I think she was overwhelmed by the noise and the number of people around her.

Compare to last year where we ate at Laszaji Grill on Town Fiesta we decided to try the food at Mac’s Chicken & Barbecue Haus. This Barbecue house wasn’t a new one in town, it was been here for a few years already but we never tried their restaurant thinking their food is expensive just by looking how the place looks like.

When we came in, there were not many people around there are many vacant tables. The servers who are standing welcoming the group ahead of us just looked at us as we enter, and since maybe we are adamant where to sit someone finally asked if we are not included the group, we replied no and that was the only time we are given attention.

We seated on the table at the front corner near the bar since there was fan in there and it is spacious for us. We are given their menu and contrary to our belief that food is expensive on this restaurant it was actually cheaper than we could imagine.  We ordered their five orders of their chicken barbecue, a bowl of shrimp sour soup, a platter of chopsuey and fruit salads for dessert. The service is a bit slow, it took forty five minutes before our food was served, well at least the bottled water I have ordered were given first.

As we are waiting for our order, one server asked us to move to a new table (we are currently seated in a six or eight person table) saying that there might be other people who will come in. I was very disappointed, we are five people and she moved us to four person table when there are plenty of vacant table around since the place was spacious.

As what was expected when our orders arrived after waiting it for so long the table was too small to hold our food, our movement when eating is limited.  What’s more ironic there was only two group who came until we finishes eating our food and the table we are asked to be vacated has been empty until we finished eating and left the restaurant, so imagine how bad I feel being kicked out to a smaller table (lol).

Anyway, it was a good thing that their food wasn’t bad at all just  a little burn because if it was bad I’ll be sulking until we went out and I will never come back at this restaurant again. Their chicken barbecue was only for ₱99 with rice, coleslaw, sauce and with a bottle of small coke.

Unlike, many other restaurants you have to pay at the counter when you asked for your bill.  My sister pointed out the tip jar since she knew I have the habit of doing it but since I was disappointed I didn’t bother at all.

Well, if you are looking for a silent and spacious place to dine in with your family you can try Mac’s Chicken & Barbecue Haus and yes they have wide selection of food other than the chicken barbecue.  They also have “Eat all You Can” event during Sunday evening for only ₱199.

Mac’s Chicken & Barbecue Haus
Barangay Liwayway, Odiongan, Romblon
Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/MACSHaus
Mobile No. – 0920 925 7284

Disclosure: This is NOT a sponsored post. Above written post was my own personal experience and might be different from yours.

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