Expat Living and Earning Opportunity at Home

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Living abroad is not easy like what most people thought, homesick and unable to blend in is the common problem of expats. Anyway I think many Filipino women married to Koreans met their husband through agency some were lucky and some are not.  Unable to work and help their families in the Philippines was their main worry,  every day I am reading stories and status updates from my fellow countrymen seeking for help and jobs, it is either contractual jobs or working from home.


Most of them are mothers that are unable to work outside because they are nursing little kids, as I have knowledge how to earn money online from the comfort of your own home I tried to share the information in a online community but my request to post the information was declined because they don’t post business (seriously?) so what’s the second hand items are for? They’re still business right? Anyway I didn’t argue anymore and says it was not  problem.  Honestly, what I am requesting to post is not a business (but an opportunity to earn money if they only know how to read).  Reading without understanding is really the common mistake of everyone, I don’t feel bad because I know it is not my loss, it was their loss so with this all I can say is c’est la vie!

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