EyesMobile Prepaid Card

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The other day I went to downtown to do overseas transfer from my husband Korean account to his account in Canada.  I can’t do anymore excuses not to do it because I have done it once, the bank was not full so I took the chance to get new bank book as his bank book was already finished. I am able to get one but of course not able to sign the bank book as my husband’s owns it.  Transferring money overseas is easy I can do it in the ATM machine in just few clicks.  After transferring money overseas I went to the family owned supermarket to buy frozen chicken breast and headed directly to bus stop, I went to Asian store just beside it and bought some Filipino treats on my husband’s permission, I already asked him before going to downtown to let me spend ₩10,000 of goodies in-exchange of not buying groceries (for me) on shopping day.

I only bought few sardines, water turnips and pancit bihon. I also look for prepaid card and I was glad to find EyesMobile prepaid card because it only means I don’t need to go to Itaewon just to buy  a load. I bought one prepaid card for ₩10,000 despite the fact that I don’t know how to use it, I just thought I’ll figure it out when I already need to use it.  The EyesMobile prepaid card can only be used in Korea, US, Japan, China, Russia, Mongolia, Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam.

EyesMobile Prepaid Card

Honestly, I would like to buy a card that I can use to call Philippines but I can’t find a TNT prepaid card, and I am not sure if I  can use the other cards in Korea so I just stick to Eyes Mobile because the sim card that was given to me when I bought a phone is also EyesMobile plus my friend had told me that when I buy a load I should tell that my card is EyesMobile because there are different type of load/card.

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  2. Cris says:

    How about the eyes plus? Would you like to blog it anyway?

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