Grilled Steak on Friday Cheat Day

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Taping fliers on your door is normal in Korea, there are times we could find 2 or 3 food fliers taped in our door from different super market or restaurants, every month there’s a small booklet too full of advertisements from different food establishments. So the other day when I went out to throw our garbage in the bin for biodegradable waste I found a Lotte Super flier in our door. I brought it  inside and just left it on top of our microwave oven.

My husband look at the flier before going to work and he found  a deal for red meat, they are on 37% sale or ₩1,000 for 100g of red meat. We are planning to have grilled meat and this is such a good deal so instead of buying marinated meat in the nearby super market I went to Lotte Super bringing the flier to the meat counter.


We grilled the steak last night in our balcony using our electric grill unlike grilling pork this is very easy. I didn’t spend so much time grilling the meat as my husband requested for medium rare steak. It was just too bad we have no steak sauce because my husband thought he doesn’t need it but for the last minute he wants a steak sauce but he has no desire of going down to the supermarket. I can’t because I am busy in the balcony.

When I am done grilling most of the  meat, I marinated the two steak left on the basin using water, soy sauce, salt and brown sugar. I also pour salt on the other two meat I am currently grilling so it has taste aside from being meaty.

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