Grilled Marinated Steak

We grilled steak last Friday after getting a good deal in the nearby supermarket.  When I am done grilling all the steak for my husband I marinated my steak on soy sauce, salt, sugar and little bit of water , I just add salt on the steak that I am already grilling so it has something to taste.

Grilled Steak

My husband laughed on what I did because the meat should be marinated longer before cooking it but mine is on the spot marination. It didn’t turn bad anyway,  I grilled mine longer too unlike my husband steak which is grilled medium rare.

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Grilled Steak on Friday Cheat Day

Taping fliers on your door is normal in Korea, there are times we could find 2 or 3 food fliers taped in our door from different super market or restaurants, every month there’s a small booklet too full of advertisements from different food establishments. So the other day when I went out to throw our garbage in the bin for biodegradable waste I found a Lotte Super flier in our door. I brought it  inside and just left it on top of our microwave oven.

My husband look at the flier before going to work and he found  a deal for red meat, they are on 37% sale or ₩1,000 for 100g of red meat. We are planning to have grilled meat and this is such a good deal so instead of buying marinated meat in the nearby super market I went to Lotte Super bringing the flier to the meat counter.


We grilled the steak last night in our balcony using our electric grill unlike grilling pork this is very easy. I didn’t spend so much time grilling the meat as my husband requested for medium rare steak. It was just too bad we have no steak sauce because my husband thought he doesn’t need it but for the last minute he wants a steak sauce but he has no desire of going down to the supermarket. I can’t because I am busy in the balcony.

When I am done grilling most of the  meat, I marinated the two steak left on the basin using water, soy sauce, salt and brown sugar. I also pour salt on the other two meat I am currently grilling so it has taste aside from being meaty.

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Busy Weekend – Grilled Bulgogi

There are times I am asking myself where I am got wrong err what I mean why feel so darn lazy to post something here, maybe because I have nothing to write, writer’s block? I think mental block is more appropriate because I think I am going crazy, hahaha! Joke only,  anyway we had another grilled party last night don’t expect too much because it is just Pookie bear and me, while I am busy in front of our electric grill someone is having  a pretty life in front of his computer and keep asking me if I am not done yet and so on, demanding huh?

As a result our apartment stinks again, well  my duty is not done yet by grilling the bulgogi, laundry is waiting and a pot of rice need to be cook.  It’s  a busy night while I am mending my stomach cramps, the good thing is after I am done I can asked him whatever I like to eat, like making a sandwich for me and please a glass of water too.  Haha, just give and take. Well it is not yet over, I have to run to the nearest GS 25 for chocolates, just glad that  he don’t ate it all there are some left just for me.,

We did not shop yet so I don’t have yet the other kind of Dove Moisture Body Wash, he is giving me money but I feel lazy and cold to go out.

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Grilling Galbi and Dweji Bulgogi at Home

The other night I have blogged about the fun we had with our new electric grill, we bought two kinds of marinated meat, Pookie bear was the one who put the meat in the electric grill and I am the one who turn it to be cook.


Above is Galbi,  a marinated beef short ribs  in a ganjang-based sauce (Korean soy sauce). In the Korean language, galbi literally means “rib” and can often indicate uncooked ribs. In addition, the dish’s full name is galbi gui, although “gui” (grilling) is commonly omitted to refer to it.

Dweji bulgogi

Above is Dweji bulgogi  or Spicy pork bulgogi it is also a popular Korean barbecue dish and it is quite different from beef bulgogi because it is marinated is gochugang (Korean chili powder) and not in soy sauce.

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