Herzlife the New Look – Bold and Vibrant

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The other day, I decided to tweak the theme of this blog. Making me busy is one way for me to stop thinking too much, because it is not getting healthy anymore. Nobody will help me but myself and if I keep feeding my depression I might end up being suicidal or crazy (almost). I decided to live the life day by day without looking forward on the future because if I do I am becoming depressed even more. I decided to wait and not to make thing fast because everything has a perfect timing according to my spirit animal.

Wordpress Theme

I have noticed the old theme is somehow dull and lonely, no wonder my life turned upside down. I made the new theme vibrant and bold using the same vectors or images. I made the header a little smaller as well, so the readers will see more of the things I am posting rather than more of the image in my header. This blog was an expat blog but since I am already home I turned it as my personal space online and my diary, I also combined two more blogs in here when I decided not to renew them anymore, this blog was helpful because I have no one to talk too and nobody really can relate with my emotions. I really don’t talk much about my life to someone because it is not easy for me to trust and I am always scared being ridiculed.

Wordpress Theme

With the new theme and the magical season coming, all I am hoping is for the best.  I hope the new theme will inspire me to write more, be optimistic and will help me to smile even in difficult times. In short, I hope it brings good luck to me!

Wordpress Theme

Well, I made myself busy even more when I decided to create new theme. It was originally the theme for Odiongan Daily Travels but since I combined it over here I’d make use of it as well so if you click Travel and Places category you’ll see the yellow green theme above.

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