Hidden Fees on Apartment Rental

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Free housing/apartment is included in my husband’s contract, it was shouldered by the school. So we are not expecting any miscellaneous fee and everything but when we moved out from our old apartment we are surprised to know that we have to pay something. Yeah right, we have to pay a certain amount of money for the sensor light. The sensor light is installed in front of the building which is used by all of the people living in the building so who will thought there’s a fee for that when we are not informed when we moved in.

House and Money

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Same thing happened when moved in to our new apartment, we have been living one month already when we are informed that we have to pay maintenance fee monthly that includes the used of elevator, garbage disposal, sky life and water. Now we know why we are not receiving water bill as it was bill in the whole building. As we are not using television the landlord eventually deducted the bill for sky life, with this hidden fees our budget was affected. Instead of saving the extra $$$ we have to use it for maintenance fee every month.

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