Kyochon Chicken

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After our short trip to downtown we decided to buy fried chicken at the nearby chicken joint, Kyochon. I went in and order after asking the guy in the counter what do they have (flavor), I order original.  I remain standing for few minutes because their only table is occupied, one of their guys is eating in front of 2 or three boxes of pizza, some of the chairs are around him and then another guy came in and sit in front of the pizza. Well nobody offered me a chair so when I felt tired standing I asked how long should I wait, 10 minutes, 15 or 20 minutes. The guy in the counter replied 10 minutes so I went out and tell them I am going to return after 10 minutes.

Kyochon Chicken Set

I went back to our apartment and after 15 minutes I returned to picked my order. It was already ready when I came in I was surprised seeing a  bottle of coke so I told the guy I didn’t order a coke but I think it is part of the set so I asked him if it is included in my order, which he replied yes by moving his head up and down.

When I arrived in our apartment my husband was surprised seeing a small box of chicken, he is expecting a larger box like those pizza box or chicken from Masday.

Kyochon Chicken

The chicken was good, it turns our their original flavors is garlic flavor with honey. The chicken is crispy and taste good but probably we are not going to order anymore because it is quite of expensive, as my husband says next time he will order KFC chicken or Masday Chicken instead of Kyochon chicken.

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  1. Vernz says:

    OMG, ng dahil sa manok na to.. makaorder na nga rin… hehehhe… dropping by here too 🙂

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