Lovely Greeting Card from a Friend

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Today we heard some scratches outside our door, it sounds weird. It’s like a kid playing and scratching then afterwards it sounds like someone is tearing something that is taped on our door, we just concluded it is our landlord especially when someone arrived and asked for something and we heard two guys talking outside but neither of the two sounds like our landlord.

So I told my husband when we went out to go the gym we are going to be surprised when our door is full of scratch, anyway it turns out it is the landlord’s friend based on the truck in front of our apartment building with an old toilet bowl. He maybe tearing something on it,  oh well I have found our internet bill stuck on the small mailbox beside our door and was surprised there’s another mail with it, been waiting for this mail since we arrived from vacation. I thought it already arrived and got lost in the bigger mailbox here in the apartment.

Personalized Christmas Card

Thank you ate Rose for the lovely card,  it is so cute and well made.  Ate Rose is a very kind and lovely blogger I  met online, she has a good humor that will make you smile once you get to know her well.  Meet the Cottrill’s by visiting  Travel’s and Wandering  and few more other sites that you’re going to know when you hop in now to these blogs.

This is the first greeting card I received from a blogger friend and it means a lot to me I am planning to buy a photo album and keep all the keepsakes there. Again thanks a lot ate Rose, Merry Christmas too and Happy New Year. More blessings to count and share!

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