Newly Painted Shinha-ri Elementary School

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I have finally taken a photo of the newly painted Shinha-ri Elementary School,  the painting of the school was started a month ago but I am always in bad time whenever I tried to take a photo, if not humid or mist on my lenses I forgot to bring my camera with me, I can’t use my phone because  I don’t know if I can zoom it.

Shinha-ri Elementary School

Last month my husband informed me that the air conditioning unit on his class was not working, not because it was broken but because the school control the power and it was always off.  It was very uncomfortable to teach when it is hot so my husband requested for a stand fan, we both thought that the school implement the policy of no air con, and I even told my husband maybe they are losing funding because they just repainted the school but it turns out the order came from the authorities requesting workers in government offices to turn off the air-conditioning and avoid using elevators to prevent shortages of energy/power because of the heat wave.

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