Newly Painted Shinha-ri Elementary School

I have finally taken a photo of the newly painted Shinha-ri Elementary School,  the painting of the school was started a month ago but I am always in bad time whenever I tried to take a photo, if not humid or mist on my lenses I forgot to bring my camera with me, I can’t use my phone because  I don’t know if I can zoom it.

Shinha-ri Elementary School

Last month my husband informed me that the air conditioning unit on his class was not working, not because it was broken but because the school control the power and it was always off.  It was very uncomfortable to teach when it is hot so my husband requested for a stand fan, we both thought that the school implement the policy of no air con, and I even told my husband maybe they are losing funding because they just repainted the school but it turns out the order came from the authorities requesting workers in government offices to turn off the air-conditioning and avoid using elevators to prevent shortages of energy/power because of the heat wave.

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Filipino Store in Icheon

My title is misleading but the store actually does not sell only Filipino Foods but also other Asian Food like those from Thailand, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Indonesian, Cambodia and Vietnam. The store was just newly open this year, the other day I finally went inside to look around, see what Filipino foods they sell and buy a few.

World Food have plenty of Filipino foods and other Asian foods compare to Lotte World Mart at the back the Icheon Bus station, their store is spacious too compare to the first one. This store is beside the bus stop #8 going to Shinha-ri, it is also few meters away from the bus station (back) this is where normally the buses going to Seoul and other city passed by and across World Food is Vitamin House.

As there no bus yet I decided to finally went inside the store, there’s Korean man standing in front of the glass door,  I was in hesitation to come in because I thought  the entrance was in the next one (white decking) but it turns it was where he is standing, when I came in I am expecting that the owner is Thai or somehow not a Korean but it turns out the store is owned by a Korean Family, a friendly family. The mother and her daughter is busy preparing food for cooking when I came in I greeted them and I went directly to aisle where Filipino food was displayed and before carrying them with me in the counter I look for the expiration date first because the first and last time I bought noodles in Asian store they are two months before expiration and I just saw them at home.

I bought few items and I was amazed to see “tuyo” dried fish so I also bought them without thinking that my husband doesn’t like the smell of fish inside our apartment. When I pay in the counter I saw the pamphlets so I asked for one but the owner didn’t give me just pamphlet but a biscuits too, the Sunflower Cracker above was given to me by free.

[Address and Location of World Mart in Icheon]

I also asked permission to take photo from the outside so I can blog it, anyway the man outside who show me the way is probably her husband or part of the family.  The store owners are kind and entertaining, their supplies too are all new and fresh. I am going to buy supplies soon I return to downtown.

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Moving Into a New Town

I am quite busy these past few days that I can’t update my blogs, I am busy both offline and online. In the next few days we are moving to a new apartment  that’s why I became so busy packing our things, it was not done yet because we are still using the pots and utensils.

Moving Home

Today my husband’s director will visit here in our apartment and she will take us to our new apartment. Gladly I have cleaned last night so it is not going to be shameful when she came here.

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Street View: Fall in Korea

We only visit the gym three times a week and every second and fourth day of the week we are walking around the town. It became our habit before our vacation in the Philippines.  Below is the photo I have taken the other day while we are doing our routine in the late afternoon, the trees are all in yellow colors.

Fall in Korea

The weather is already cold as expected so I am already wearing my winter jacket when we are walking, and of course I am not going to forgot to bring my camera.

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Alumni Conference in Icheon Elementary School

I wake up today with loud music and an emcee speaking in the nearby elementary school. My husband told me that there’s something going on because he saw some tent from our window. After making my coffee I decided to check it out, I didn’t even finish drinking it I just had one sip, I changed my clothes and I went out.

When I arrived in the school entrance I saw a lot of cars and this banner but as I can’t read Hangul I can’t still figure out what was the occasion.

Icheon Elementary School

There’s really a lot of tent encircling the wide playground and they are full of people and food. Others are drinking soju (the popular liquor here), eating and talking to each other. There are few people in the play ground which looks like they are doing fun games, I saw some people with balloons. I didn’t take long because I am too shy to be noted and snapping around, I was not able to take good picture because there are cars and trucks blocking me from where I stand.

Icheon Elementary School

I walk around the school I mean the street around the school so people will not think I just went there to take pictures. Anyway when I arrived home I translated what is written in the banner and it says “The 5th Icheon Elementary School Alumni Conference” thanks to Korean Virtual keyboard and Google translate for making it possible.

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On Sending EMS Package from Korea

Finally the box I’ve sent to Philippines last Friday arrived today to my family. I thought it is already gone missing because when I tracked it the last information the box arrived in the Philippines and nothing else.

My sister is so happy upon seeing pringle’s in the box, she said it’s been a long time since she’s been asking our mother to buy her pringle’s  so the pringle’s I’ve sent is just on time. One of the souvenirs I’ve sent was broken so they just glued it. Maybe the box was not carried carefully or they just throw it away (sigh). Oh well the good thing is the box still arrived., my worried feeling for it is gone.

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Middle of the Night and Craving for Pizza

I wake up late today, it is already noon time. Felt so tired last night, my husband asked me to buy some profiteroles but sad to say nothing is left so I bought muffins instead. When I reached home he is not satisfied with the bake goods and he asked me to look for pizza in the middle of the night, I walked to the pizza place I know and they are all closed. I thought his craving will end up there, but I am wrong he asked me to look for loaf of bread as he wants to have grilled cheese sandwich so I went out again and when I came home I prepared the grilled cheese sandwich.

Korean Local Bakeshop

It has been a long walk last night, I also try to go to Watsons to buy chocolates but it is already closed when I reached there.

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Home-cooking and Blogging Life

I am quite busy lately and as usual both online and offline. Offline I need to cook a lot for my husband’s meal, it is every three hours. I just cooked three or four times a day because few of his meals are just whey and small portion of rice. Despite of this I still feel very busy that I felt procrastinated to post something on my blogs. Dunno if this procrastination is brought by too much work just to published a post. Imagine in WordPress I need to upload it in other site and etc. unlike in blogger all I need is to directly upload the photo in my post.

Spicy Chicken

Anyway I wake late today and still sleepy. I was not able to finish adgitizing because I have no more time to do it I have too cook some chicken in hot and spicy sauce.

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Sport-fest or Family Day in Icheon Elementary School?

I wake up early in the morning with a loud noise coming from the nearby school, it seems there’s a celebration. I can hear drums, music and a person announcing something. I would like to check whats happening outside but I am to shy to do it, so I just open my computer and do some adgitizing then return to sleep afterwards.

When I wake up again, I made some soup and I can still hear the music nearby. So after meal I decided to check what’s happening on the nearby school.

And this is what I have found out, people playing soccer. It seems there’s a sport fest or family day, the field/playground is surrounded by tents which are fully occupied. The elementary school is quite big isn’t it?

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Korea National Foundation Day (Gaecheonjeol)

Today is public holiday here in Korea to commemorates  Gaecheonjeol  or National Foundation Day in English . This holiday celebrates the creation of the state of Gojoseon (ancient Korea) founded by Dangun Wanggeom in the year 2333 BC.

I don’t know that is holiday today when I wake up I am startled why my husband is still sleeping when he has a work in few minutes, so I asked if he has no class. He chuckled while saying I’ve been here for a long time and I don’t know the public holidays are.,

Anyway tonight when I went to throw the garbage bag I’ve seen this big stuff toy, it is still okay just kind of dirty. I think a little kid owns this as there’s a lot of brown spots which I believe from chocolates.  Just washed this and it will looks brand new, dunno who’s going to be the lucky owner, I can’t pick it up because it is too big for a box to Philippines.


Anyway the origin of the holiday, Gaecheon refers to 3 October B.C. 2457, the date when Hwanung  descended from heaven to live with mankind. The harvest ceremony was celebrated in each Korean kingdoms; Yeonggo of Buyeo, Mucheon  of Yemaek, Gyeeum  of Mahan and Byeonhan, Dongmaeng  of Goguryeo, Palgwanheoi  of Silla.

In 1909, Gaecheonjeol was enacted as a national holiday.The festival is held annually. At first, Gaecheonjeol had been celebrated on 3 october on lunar calendar but it has been celebrated on 3 october on solar calendar since 1949.

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